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DateTitle Authors
2012 Going regional: The effectiveness of different tax-benefit policies in combating child poverty in SpainCantó, Olga / Adiego, Marta / Ayala, Luis / Levy, Horacio / Paniagua, Milagros
2012 Welfare compensation for unemployment in the great recessionFernandez-Salgado, Mariña / Figari, Francesco / Sutherland, Holly / Tumino, Alberto
2012 Taxing home ownership: Distributional effects of including net imputed rent in taxable incomeFigari, Francesco / Paulus, Alari / Sutherland, Holly / Tsakloglou, Panos / Verbist, Gerlinde / Zantomio, Francesca
2012 The fiscal and distributional impact of possible tax reforms in the Netherlandsde Vos, Klaas
2012 Economic well-being and distributional effects of housing-related policies in 3 European countriesMaestri, Virginia
2012 Improving work incentives: Evaluation of tax policy reform using SRMODRanđelović, Saša / Žarković Rakić, Jelena
2013 Austerity and the income distribution: The case of CyprusKoutsampelas, Christos / Polycarpou, Alexandros
2013 Changes in income distribution and the role of tax-benefit policy during the great recession: An international perspectiveBargain, Olivier / Callan, Tim / Doorley, Karina / Keane, Claire
2013 EUROMOD: The European Union tax-benefit microsimulation modelSutherland, Holly / Figari, Francesco
2013 Testing the statistical significance of microsimulation results: Often easier than you think ; a technical noteGoedemé, Tim / van den Bosch, Karel / Salanauskaite, Lina / Verbis, Gerlinde
2013 Integrating indirect taxation into EUROMOD: Documentation and results for GermanyDecoster, André / Ochmann, Richard / Spiritus, Kevin
2013 Increasing labour market activity of the poor and females: Let's make work pay in MacedoniaMojsoska Blazevski, Nikica / Petreski, Marjan / Petreska, Despina
2013 Towards a European Union child basic income? Within and between country effectsLevy, Horacio / Matsaganis, Manos / Sutherland, Holly
2013 Full childcare coverage: Higher maternal labour supply and childcare usage?Vanleenhove, Pieter
2013 Efficiency and equity aspects of energy taxationVandyck, Toon
2013 The distributional effects of taxes and transfers under alternative income concepts: The importance of three 'I'sFigari, Francesco / Paulus, Alari
2013 The distributional effects of fiscal consolidation in nine EU countriesAvram, Silvia / Figari, Francesco / Leventi, Chrysa / Levy, Horacio / Navicke, Jekaterina / Matsaganis, Manos / Militaru, Eva / Paulus, Alari / Rastringina, Olga / Sutherland, Holly
2013 The importance of choosing the data set for tax-benefit analysisCeriani, Lidia / Fiorio, Carlo V. / Gigliarano, Chiara
2013 Baseline results from the EU27 EUROMOD (2009 - 2012)Jara, Holguer Xavier / Sutherland, Holly / Avram, Silvia / De Agostini, Paola / Figari, Francesco / Levy, Horacio / Navicke, Jekaterina / Paulus, Alari / Rastrigina, Olga / Tasseva, Iva / Tumino, Alberto
2013 Distributional implications of the crisis in Greece in 2009 - 2012Leventi, Chrysa / Matsaganis, Manos
2013 Nowcasting indicators of poverty risk in the European Union: A microsimulation approachNavicke, Jekaterina / Rastrigina, Olga / Sutherland, Holly
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