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DateTitle Authors
2012 A simple bootstrap method for constructing nonparametric confidence bands for functionsHall, Peter / Horowitz, Joel
2012 A warp-speed method for conducting Monte Carlo experiments involving bootstrap estimatorsGiacomini, Raffaella / Politis, Dimitris / White, Halbert
2012 Do public health interventions crowd out private health investments? Malaria control policies in EritreaCarneiro, Pedro / Locatelli, Andrea / Ghebremeskel, Tewolde / Keating, Joseph
2012 Model comparisons in unstable environmentsGiacomini, Raffaella / Rossi, Barbara
2012 Averaging of moment condition estimatorsChen, Xiaohong / Jacho-Chàvez, David T. / Linton, Oliver
2012 Identification of incomeleisure preferences and evaluation of income tax policyManski, Charles F.
2012 Inference on treatment effects after selection amongst high-dimensional controlsBelloni, A. / Chernozhukov, V. / Hansen, C.
2012 Penalized estimation of high-dimensional models under a generalized sparsity conditionHorowitz, Joel / Huang, Jian
2011 Asymptotic theory for nonparametric regression with spatial dataRobinson, Peter M.
2011 Set identified linear modelsBontemps, Christian / Magnac, Thierry / Maurin, Eric
2011 Does it matter who responded to the survey? Trends in the U.S. gender earnings gap revisitedLee, Jungmin / Lee, Sokbae
2011 Testing functional inequalitiesLee, Sokbae / Song, Kyungchul / Whang, Yoon-Jae
2011 Semiparametric structural models of binary response: Shape restrictions and partial identificationChesher, Andrew
2011 Tests for neglected heterogeneity in moment condition modelsHahn, Jinyong / Newey, Whitney K. / Smith, Richard J.
2011 Is distance dying at last? Falling home bias in fixed effects models of patent citationsGriffith, Rachel / Lee, Sokbae / Van Reenen, John
2011 Conditional quantile processes based on series or many regressorsBelloni, Alexandre / Chernozhukov, Victor / Fernandez-Val, Ivan
2011 High performance quadrature rules: How numerical integration affects a popular model of product differentiationL. Judd, Kenneth / Skrainka, Ben
2011 Testing multivariate economic restrictions using quantiles: The example of Slutsky negative semidefinitenessDette, Holger / Hoderlein, Stefan / Neumeyer, Natalie
2011 Estimating structural mean models with multiple instrumental variables using the generalised method of momentsClarke, Paul S. / Palmer, Tom M. / Windmeijer, Frank
2011 Enforcement of labor regulation and informalityAlmeida, Rita / Carneiro, Pedro
2011 Inference on power law spatial trendsRobinson, Peter M.
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