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DateTitle Authors
2011 Inference for high-dimensional sparse econometric modelsBelloni, Alexandre / Chernozhukov, Victor / Hansen, Christian
2011 Analysis of interactive fixed effects dynamic linear panel regression with measurement errorLee, Nayoung / Moon, Hyungsik Roger / Weidner, Martin
2011 Average and marginal returns to upper secondary schooling in IndonesiaCarneiro, Pedro / Lokshin, Michael / Ridao-Cano, Cristobal / Umapathi, Nithin
2011 Intersection bounds: Estimation and inferenceChernozhukov, Victor / Lee, Sokbae / Rosen, Adam M.
2011 On the role of time in nonseparable panel data modelsHoderlein, Stefan / Sasaki, Yuya
2011 Child mental health and educational attainment: Multiple observers and the measurement error problemJohnston, David / Propper, Carol / Pudney, Stephen / Shields, Michael
2011 Penalized sieve estimation and inference of semi-nonparametric dynamic models: A selective reviewChen, Xiaohong
2011 Inference and decision for set identified parameters using posterior lower and upper probabilitiesKitagawa, Toru
2011 Nonparametric trending regression with cross-sectional dependenceRobinson, Peter M.
2011 Measuring the price responsiveness of gasoline demand: Economic shape restrictions and nonparametric demand estimationBlundell, Richard / Horowitz, Joel L. / Parey, Matthias
2011 Nonparametric identification using instrumental variables: Sufficient conditions for completenessHu, Yingyao / Shiu, Ji-Liang
2011 The long-term effects of in-work benefits in a life-cycle model for policy evaluationBlundell, Richard / Costa Dias, Monica / Meghir, Costas / Shaw, Jonathan
2011 Statistical inference on regression with spatial dependenceRobinson, Peter M. / Thawornkaiwong, Supachoke
2011 Semiparametric selection models with binary outcomesKlein, Roger / Shen, Chan / Vella, Francis
2011 Quantile regression with censoring and endogeneityChernozhukov, Victor / Fernandez-Val, Ivan / Kowalski, Amanda
2011 Factor rotation with non-negativity constraintsPudney, Stephen
2011 Local identification of nonparametric and semiparametric modelsChen, Xiaohong / Chernozhukov, Victor / Lee, Sokbae / Newey, Whitney K.
2011 Policy analysis with incredible certitudeManski, Charles
2011 Bounding quantile demand functions using revealed preference inequalitiesBlundell, Richard / Kristensen, Dennis / Matzkin, Rosa
2011 An instrumental variable model of multiple discrete choiceChesher, Andrew / Rosen, Adam / Smolinski, Konrad
2011 Inference on power law spatial trendsRobinson, Peter M.
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