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DateTitle Authors
2014 Nonparametric identification of endogenous and heterogeneous aggregate demand models: Complements, bundles and the market levelDunker, Fabian / Hoderlein, Stefan / Kaido, Hiroaki
2014 Interdependent durations in joint retirementHonoré, Bo E. / de Paula, Áureo
2014 Grade retention and unobserved heterogeneityGary-Bobo, Robert / Goussé, Marion / Robin, Jean-Marc
2014 Asymptotically efficient estimation of weighted average derivatives with an interval censored variableKaido, Hirokai
2014 Random coefficients on endogenous variables in simultaneous equations modelsMasten, Matthew
2014 Testing for a general class of functional inequalitiesLee, Sokbae / Song, Kyungchul / Whang, Yoon-Jae
2014 Tenure, experience, human capital and wages: A tractable equilibrium search model of wage dynamicsBagger, Jesper / Fontaine, François / Postel-Vinay, Fabien / Robin, Jean-Marc
2014 A simple parametric model selection testSchennach, Susanne / Wilhelm, Daniel
2014 Individual heterogeneity, nonlinear budget sets, and taxable incomeBlomquist, Soren / Kumar, Anil / Liang, Che-Yuan / Newey, Whitney
2014 Inference for functions of partially identified parameters in moment inequality modelsBugni, Federico / Canay, Ivan / Shi, Xiaoxia
2014 The cross-quantilogram: Measuring quantile dependence and testing directional predictability between time seriesHan, Heejoon / Linton, Oliver / Oka, Tatsushi / Whang, Yoon-Jae
2014 Instrumental variables estimation of a generalized correlated random coefficients modelMasten, Matthew / Torgovitsky, Alexander
2014 Single stock circuit breakers on the London Stock Exchange: Do they improve subsequent market quality?Brugler, James / Linton, Oliver
2014 Labor market reforms and unemployment dynamicsMurtin, Fabrice / Robin, Jean-Marc
2014 Specification tests for partially identified models defined by moment inequalitiesBugni, Federico / Canay, Ivan / Shi, Xiaoxia
2014 International trends in technological progress: Stylized facts from patent citations, 1980 - 2011Kwon, Soonwoo / Lee, Jihong / Lee, Sokbae
2014 Inference for functions of partially identified parameters in moment inequality modelsBugni, Federico / Canay, Ivan / Shi, Xiaoxia
2014 Estimation of random coefficients logit demand models with interactive fixed effectsMoon, Hyungsik Roger / Shum, Matthew / Weidner, Martin
2014 Nonparametric spectral-based estimation of latent structuresBonhomme, Stéphane / Jochmans, Koen / Robin, Jean-Marc
2014 Generalized instrumental variable modelsChesher, Andrew / Rosen, Adam
2014 Optimal bandwidth selection for robust generalized method of moments estimationWilhelm, Daniel
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