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DateTitle Authors
2014 Recombinant innovation and the boundaries of the firmGriffith, Rachel / Lee, Sokbae / Straathof, Bas
2014 Sieve Wald and QLR inferences on semi/ nonparametric conditional moment modelsChen, Xiaohong / Pouzo, Demian
2014 A test for instrument validityKitagawa, Toru
2014 The lasso for high-dimensional regression with a possible change-pointLee, Sokbae / Seo, Myung Hwan / Shin, Youngki
2014 Maximum score estimation with nonparametrically generated regressorsChen, Le-Yu / Lee, Sokbae / Sung, Myung Jae
2014 Asymptotic efficiency of semiparametric two-step GMMAckerberg, Daniel / Chen, Xiaohong / Hahn, Jinyong
2014 Program evaluation with high-dimensional dataBelloni, Alexandre / Chernozhukov, Victor / Fernández-Val, Ivan / Hansen, Christian
2014 Inference in ordered response games with complete informationAradillas-Lopez, Andres / Rosen, Adam M.
2014 Individual and time effects in nonlinear panel models with large N, TFernández-Val, Iván / Weidner, Martin
2014 Implementing intersection bounds in StataChernozhukov, Victor / Kim, Wooyoung / Lee, Sokbae / Rosen, Adam
2014 Nonparametric identification of positive eigenfunctionsChristensen, Timothy M.
2014 Bayesian exploratory factor analysisConti, Gabriella / Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia / Heckman, James / Piatek, Rémi
2014 A contribution to the Reinhart and Rogoff debate: not 90 percent but maybe 30 percentLee, Sokbae / Park, Hyunmin / Seo, Myung Hwan / Shin, Youngki
2014 Multivariate variance ratio statisticsHong, Seok Young / Linton, Oliver / Zhang, Hui Jun
2014 Tackling social exclusion: Evidence from ChileCarneiro, Pedro / Galasso, Emanuela / Ginja, Rita
2014 Linear regression for panel with unknown number of factors as interactive fixed effectsMoon, Hyungsik Roger / Weidner, Martin
2014 Direct and indirect treatment effects: Causal chains and mediation analysis with instrumental variablesFrölich, Markus / Huber, Martin
2014 Nonparametric identification of endogenous and heterogeneous aggregate demand models: Complements, bundles and the market levelDunker, Fabian / Hoderlein, Stefan / Kaido, Hiroaki
2014 Interdependent durations in joint retirementHonoré, Bo E. / de Paula, Áureo
2014 Grade retention and unobserved heterogeneityGary-Bobo, Robert / Goussé, Marion / Robin, Jean-Marc
2014 Asymptotically efficient estimation of weighted average derivatives with an interval censored variableKaido, Hirokai
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