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DateTitle Authors
2011 The nature of risk preferences: Evidence from insurance choicesBarseghyan, Levon / Molinari, Francesca / O'Donoghue, Ted / Teitelbaum, Joshua
2011 Failure of a credit system: Implications of the large deviation theoryBhattacharya, Rabi / Majumdar, Mukul
2011 Strategic analysis of influence peddlingMajumdar, Mukul / Yoo, Seung Han
2011 Efficient Ramsey equilibriaBecker, Robert A. / Mitra, Tapan
2010 On representation and weighted utilitarian representation of preference orders on finite streamsMitra, Tapan / Ozbek, Mahmut Kemal
2010 Sustained positive consumption in a model of stochastic growth: The role of risk aversionMitra, Tapan / Roy, Santanu
2010 On optimal forest management: A bifurcation analysisDasgupta, Swagan / Mitra, Tapan
2010 On the nature of suppes-sen choice functions in an aggregative growth modelDubey, Ram Sewak / Mitra, Tapan
2010 The Bayesian approach to default risk: A guideJacobs, Michael / Kiefer, Nicholas M.
2010 On equitable social welfare functions satisfying the weak Pareto axion: A complete characterizationDubey, Ram Sewak / Mitra, Tapan
2009 How sapient is homo economicus? The evolutionary origins of trade, ethics and economic rationalityBasu, Kaushik / Guha, Ashok
2009 Incentive-compatible elicitation of quantilesKiefer, Nicholas M.
2009 On the Phelps-Koopmans theoremMitra, Tapan / Ray, Debraj
2009 Literacy traps: Society-wide education and individual skill premiaAtal, Vidya / Basu, Kaushik / Gray, John / Lee, Travis
2009 Geometry of the log-likelihood ratio statistic in misspecified modelsChoi, Hwan-sik / Kiefer, Nicholas M.
2009 A marketing scheme for making money off innocent people: A user's manualBasu, Kaushik
2009 Pet overpopulation: An economic analysisCoate, Stephen / Knight, Brian
2009 What goes around comes around: A theory of indirect reciprocity in networksMihm, Maximilian / Toth, Russell / Lang, Corey
2009 Equivalence of utilitarian maximal and weakly maximal programsBanerjee, Kuntal / Mitra, Tapan
2009 Correlated defaults, temporal correlation, expert information and predictability of default ratesKiefer, Nicholas M.
2009 Altriusm, other-regarding behavior and identity: The moral basis of prosperity and oppressionBasu, Kaushik
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