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DateTitle Authors
2014 Can intangible capital explain cyclical movements in the labor wedge?Gourio, Fran├žois / Rudanko, Leena
2014 Early public banksRoberds, William / Velde, Fran├žois R.
2014 The effects of the Massachusetts health reform on financial distressMazumder, Bhashkar / Miller, Sarah
2014 Mandatory disclosure and financial contagionAlvarez, Fernando / Barlevy, Gadi
2013 Rushing into American dream? House prices, timing of homeownership, and adjustment of consumer creditAgarwal, Sumit / Hu, Luojia / Huang, Xing
2013 Why do borrowers make mortgage refinancing mistakes?Agarwal, Sumit / Rosen, Richard J. / Yao, Vincent
2013 Human capital and long-run labor income riskBenzoni, Luca / Chyruk, Olena
2013 Fiscal consequences of paying interest on reservesBassetto, Marco / Messer, Todd
2013 Policy intervention in debt renegotiation: Evidence from the Home Affordable Modification ProgramAgarwal, Sumit / Amromin, Gene / Ben-David, Itzhak / Chomsisengphet, Souphala / Piskorski, Tomasz / Seru, Amit
2013 The effects of the saving and banking glut on the U.S. economyJustiniano, Alejandro / Primiceri, Giorgio E. / Tambalotti, Andrea
2013 The scarcity value of Treasury collateral: Repo market effects of security-specific supply and demand factorsD'Amico, Stefania / Fan, Roger / Kitsul, Yuriy
2013 Bank panics, government guarantees, and the long-run size of the financial sector: Evidence from free-banking AmericaChabot, Benjamin / Moul, Charles C.
2013 Cash-in-the-market pricing in a model with money and over-the-counter financial marketsMattesini, Fabrizio / Nosal, Ed
2013 The urban density premium across establishmentsFaberman, R. Jason / Freedman, Matthew
2013 Properties of the vacancy statistic in the discrete circle covering problemBarlevy, Gadi / Nagaraja, H. N.
2013 Gambling for dollars: Strategic hedge fund manager investmentBernhardt, Dan / Nosal, Ed
2013 Bubbles and Leverage: A simple and unified approachBarsky, Robert / Bogusz, Theodore
2013 Modeling the evolution of expectations and uncertainty in general equilibriumBianchi, Francesco / Melosi, Leonardo
2013 Credit crunches and credit allocation in a model of entrepreneurshipBassetto, Marco / Cagetti, Marco / De Nardi, Mariacristina
2013 Agglomeration in the European automobile supplier industryKlier, Thomas / McMillen, Dan
2013 Firm dynamics and the minimum wage: A putty-clay approachAaronson, Daniel / French, Eric / Sorkin, Isaac
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