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DateTitle Authors
2009 FDI flow volatility and ASEAN members: An exploratory approachGander, James P. / Reynolds, Steve / Fowles, Richard
2009 What is Minsky all about, anyway?Ertürk, Korkut / Özgür, Gökcer
2008 The debate on labor standards and international trade: Lessons from Cambodia and BangladeshBerik, Günseli / van der Meulen Rodgers, Yana
2008 Endogenous Money in the Age of Financial LiberalizationÖzgür, Gökçer / Ertürk, Korkut A.
2008 The indigenous movement and the economic trajectory of EcuadorJameson, Kenneth P.
2008 Index insurance and common property pasturesBhattacharya, Haimanti / Osgood, Dan
2008 The decline of traditional banking and endogenous moneyErturk, Korkut / Ozgur, Gokcer
2008 The limits to dollarization in Ecuador: Lessons from ArgentinaBradbury, Mathew / Vernengo, Matías
2008 The balance of payments as a constraint on Turkey's growth, 1960 - 2004Pacaci Elitok, Secil / Campbell, Al
2008 Inflation targeting, the natural rate and expectationsKiefer, David
2008 Effective demand, local governments and economic growth in post-Mao China: A spatial econometrics perspectiveJeon, Yongbok
2008 Ownership structure and financial performance: Evidence from panel data of South KoreaLee, Sanghoon
2008 Gender and racial training gaps in Oregon apprenticeship programsBerik, Günseli / Bilginsoy, Cihan / Williams, Larry S.
2008 Consumer choice under carbon rationingEhrbar, Hans
2008 Dynamic economic game theory and Asian free trade agreementsGander, James P.
2008 Building socialism and communism: Planning and the process of transcending marketsCampbell, Al
2008 Feldstein's rhetoric of private retirement accountsAvsar, Rojhat B.
2008 The power of reasoning: Experimental evidenceDugar, Subhasish / Bhattacharya, Haimanti
2008 The decline of the exchange rate pass-through in Brazil: Explaining the "fear of floating"Schönerwald da Silva, Carlos Eduardo / Vernengo, Matías
2008 Nash's bargaining formula revisited: A note on self-referential logicGander, James P.
2008 Options for enforcing labor standards: Lessons from Bangladesh and CambodiaBerik, Günseli / van der Meulen Rodgers, Yana
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