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DateTitle Authors
2007 Gender gaps in the individual pension system in TurkeyElveren, Adem Y. / Hsu, Sara
2007 A tale of two monetary reforms: Argentinean convertibility in historical perspectivePérez-Caldentey, Esteban / Vernengo, Matías
2007 Puzzles, paradoxes and regularities: Cyclical and structural productivity in the US (1950 - 2005)Jeon, Yongbok / Vernengo, Matías
2007 Capitalism with zero profit rate? Limits to growth and the law of the tendency for the fate of profit to fallLi, Minqi
2007 Foreign exchange, interest and the dynamics of public debt in Latin AmericaSchonerwald da Silva, Carlos E. / Vernengo, Matías
2007 Engendering development strategies and macroeconomic policies: What's Sound and Sensible?Berik, Günseli / van der Meulen Rodgers, Yana
2007 Is white the new blue? The impact on gender wage and employment differentials of offshoring of white-collar jobs in the United StatesKongar, Ebru / Price, Mark
2007 Total factor productivity and income distribution: A critical reviewJeon, Yongbok
2008 The other J. M.: John Maurice Clark and the Keynesian revolutionFiorito, Luca / Vernengo, Matías
2008 Understanding the cell phone effect on motor vehicle fatalities using classical and Bayesian methodsBlattenberger, Gail / Fowles, Richard / Loeb, Peter D. / Clarke, William A.
2008 The Cuban economy: Data on today's performance and information on tomorrow's projected changesCampbell, Al
2008 New Keynesian endogenous stabilization in a panel of countriesKiefer, David
2008 The determinants of motor vehicle fatalities using classical specification testing and Bayesian sensitivity methodsFowles, Richard / Loeb, Peter D. / Clarke, Wm. A.
2008 Options for enforcing labor standards: Lessons from Bangladesh and CambodiaBerik, Günseli / van der Meulen Rodgers, Yana
2008 Nash's bargaining formula revisited: A note on self-referential logicGander, James P.
2008 The decline of the exchange rate pass-through in Brazil: Explaining the "fear of floating"Schönerwald da Silva, Carlos Eduardo / Vernengo, Matías
2008 The power of reasoning: Experimental evidenceDugar, Subhasish / Bhattacharya, Haimanti
2008 Feldstein's rhetoric of private retirement accountsAvsar, Rojhat B.
2008 Building socialism and communism: Planning and the process of transcending marketsCampbell, Al
2008 Dynamic economic game theory and Asian free trade agreementsGander, James P.
2008 Consumer choice under carbon rationingEhrbar, Hans
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