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DateTitle Authors
2012 The economics of pensions: Remarks on growth, policy and class conflictRada, Codrina
2012 When economics faces the economy: John Bates Clark and the 1914 antitrust legislationFiorito, Luca
2012 Are European banks in economic harmonay? An HLM aproachGander, James P.
2012 Service-led growth and the balance of payments constraint in India: An unsustainable strategyNabar-Bhaduri, Suranjana / Vernengo, Matías
2012 India's structural transformation and role in the world economyRada, Codrina / von Arnim, Rüdiger
2012 Heterodox central bankers: Eccles, Prebisch and financial reform in 1930sPérez Caldentey, Esteban / Vernengo, Matías
2011 Targets, policy lags and sticky prices in a two-equation model of US stabilization policyKiefer, David
2011 Portrait of the economist as a young man: Raúl Prebisch's evolving views on the business cycle and money, 1919-1949Pérez Caldentey, Esteban / Vernengo, Matías
2011 Time use of mothers and fathers in hard times and better times: The US business cycle of 2003-2010Berik, Günseli / Kongar, Ebru
2011 Stabilization and expectations in a state space model of interconnected economies, a dynamic panel studyKiefer, David
2011 Structural transformation in China and India: The role of macroeconomic policiesRada, Codrina / von Arnim, Rudiger
2011 Labor productivity and energy use in a three sector model: An application to Egyptvon Arnim, Rudiger / Rada, Codrina
2011 Microeconomics of corruption among developing economiesGander, James P.
2011 Thorstein Veblen: A marxist starting pointFord, Kirsten / McColloch, William
2011 The Veblenian roots of Institutional Political EconomyFord, Kirsten
2011 An Aristotelian View of Marx's methodCline, Nathaniel / McColloch, William / Ford, Kirsten
2011 Medical expenditure growth and the diffusion of medical technologyPolchlopek, Justin
2011 The return of vulgar economics: A rejoinder to Colander, Holt and RosserVernengo, Matias
2011 Marx's appreciation of James Steuart: A theory of history and valueMcColloch, William
2011 No easy balancing act: Reducing the balance of payments constraint; improving export competitiveness and productivity; and absorbing surplus labor - the Indian experienceNabar-Bhaduri, Suranjana
2011 Macroeconomic analysis of corruption in developing economiesGander, James P.
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