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DateTitle Authors
2010 Do bans on affirmative action hurt minority students? Evidence from the Texas Top 10% PlanCortes, Kalena E.
2010 Offshoring and the State of American manufacturingHouseman, Susan / Kurz, Christopher / Lengermann, Paul / Mandel, Benjamin
2010 "Mass privatisation and the post-communist mortality crisis": Is there really a relationship?Earle, John S. / Gehlbach, Scott
2010 Health insurance availability and entrepreneurshipDeCicca, Philip
2009 How do the effects of local growth on employment rates vary with initial labor market conditions?Bartik, Timothy J.
2009 Economic development benefits of preschool expansion in Kalamazoo CountyBartik, Timothy J.
2009 What should Michigan be doing to promote long-run economic development?Bartik, Timothy J.
2009 Retiree health benefits and the decision to retireMarton, James / Woodbury, Stephen A.
2009 Lessons learned from a state-funded workplace literacy programHollenbeck, Kevin / Timmeney, Bridget
2009 Methodology for adjusting GPRA Workforce Development Program performance targets for the effects of business cyclesBartik, Timothy J. / Eberts, Randall W. / Huang, Wei-Jang
2009 What should EDA fund? Developing a model for pre-assessment of economic development investmentsWatts, Brad R. / Erickcek, George A. / Duritsky, Jacob / O'Brien, Kevin / Robey, Claudette / Robey, Jim
2009 Estimated state and local fiscal effects of the Nurse Family Partnership programBartik, Timothy J.
2009 What do we know about contracting out in the United States? Evidence from household and establishment surveysDey, Matthew / Houseman, Susan / Polivka, Anne
2009 Estimating a performance standards adjustment model for workforce programs that provides timely feedback and uses data from only one stateBartik, Timothy J. / Eberts, Randall / Kline, Ken
2009 Distributional effects of early childhood programs and business incentives and their implications for policyBartik, Timothy J.
2009 Food stamp participation among adult-only householdsRibar, David C. / Edelhoch, Marilyn / Liu, Qiduan
2009 How policymakers should deal with the delayed benefits of early childhood programsBartik, Timothy J.
2009 What proportion of children stay in the same location as adults, and how does this vary across location and groups?Bartik, Timothy J.
2009 Employment and training policy in the United States during the economic crisisO'Leary, Christopher J. / Eberts, Randall W.
2009 Health insurance tax credits and health insurance coverage of low-earning single mothersCebi, Merve / Woodbury, Stephen A.
2008 Helping hand or grabbing hand? State bureaucracy and privatization effectivenessBrown, J. David / Earle, John S. / Gehlbach, Scott
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