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DateTitle Authors
2003 A new WPRS profiling model for MichiganEberts, Randall W. / O'Leary, Christoper J.
2004 Personal reemployment accounts: Simulations for planning implementationO'Leary, Christopher J. / Eberts, Randall W.
2004 Does privatization raise productivity? Evidence from comprehensive panel data on manufacturing firms in Hungary, Romania, Russia, and UkraineBrown, J. David / Earle, John S. / Telegdy, Almos
2004 Single mothers working at night: Standard work, child care subsidies, and implications for welfare reformTekin, Erdal
2004 Work and retirement plans among older AmericansAbraham, Katharine G. / Houseman, Susan N.
2004 The wage effects of schooling under socialism and in transition: Evidence from Romania, 1950 - 2000Andren, Daniela / Earle, John S. / Sapatoru, Dana
2004 Increasing the economic development benefits of higher education in MichiganBartik, Timothy J.
2004 Job reallocation and productivity growth in the Ukrainian transitionBrown, J. David / Earle, John S.
2004 Some reflections on the use of administrative data to estimate the net impacts of workforce programs in Washington StateHollenbeck, Kevin
2004 Contract violations, neighborhood effects, and wage arrears in RussiaEarle, John S. / Sabirianova Peter, Klara
2004 "Small cities blues": Looking for growth factors in small and medium-sized citiesErickcek, George A. / McKinney, Hannah
2004 Using administrative data for workforce development program evaluationHollenbeck, Kevin
2005 Refundable tax credits for health insurance: The sensitivity of simulated impacts to assumed behaviorEmmons, David W. / Madly, Eva / Woodbury, Stephen A.
2005 Asynchronous risk: Unemployment, equity markets, and retirement savingsSeligman, Jason S. / Wenger, Jeffrey B.
2005 Temporary agency employment as a way out of poverty?Autor, David / Houseman, Susan
2005 Single mothers, social capital, and work-family conflictCiabattari, Teresa
2005 The effect of minimum wages on the employment and earnings of South Africa's domestic service workersHertz, Tom
2005 Do job search rules and reemployment services reduce insured unemployment?O'Leary, Christopher J. / Wandner, Stephen A.
2005 Health, wealth & workforce exit: Disability insurance & individual accountsSeligman, Jason S.
2005 Do government sponsored vocational training programs help the unemployed find jobs?Nivorozhkin, Anton / Nivorozhkin, Eugene
2005 Do temporary help jobs improve labor market outcomes for low-skilled workers? Evidence from Random assignmentsAutor, David H. / Houseman, Susan N.
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