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DateTitle Authors
2012 Short-time compensation as a tool to mitigate job loss? Evidence on the US experience during the recent recessionAbraham, Katharine G. / Houseman, Susan N.
2012 Retiree health benefits as deferred compensation: Evidence from the health and retirement studyMarton, James / Woodbury, Stephen A.
2012 America's human capital paradoxKochan, Thomas A.
2012 Mediating incentive use: A time-series assessment of economic development deals in North CarolinaLester, T. William / Lowe, Nichola / Freyer, Allan
2012 The short-term effects of the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship on student outcomesBartik, Timothy J. / Lachowska, Marta
2012 Simulating the effects of Michigan's MEGA tax credit program on job creation and fiscal benefitsBartik, Timothy J. / Erickcek, George A.
2012 An analysis of risk-taking behavior for public defined benefit pension plansMohan, Nancy / Zhang, Ting
2012 Short hours, long hours: Hour levels and trends in the retail industry in the United States, Canada, and MexicoCarré, Françoise / Tilly, Chris
2011 The secular rise in unemployment insurance exhaustions and what can be done about itSmith, Ralph E.
2011 Unemployment insurance and low-educated single working mothers before and after welfare reformShaefer, H. Luke / Wu, Liyun
2011 The persistence of employee 401(k) contributions over a major stock market cycle: Evidence on the limited power of inertia on savings behaviorMuller, Lesli A. / Turner, John A.
2011 Employer-provided health insurance and labor supply of married womenCebi, Merve
2011 Earnings benefits of Tulsa's pre-K program for different income groupsBartik, Timothy J. / Gormley, William / Adelstein, Shirley
2011 Including jobs in benefit-cost analysisBartik, Timothy J.
2011 Benefit payment costs of unemployment insurance modernization: Estimates based on Kentucky administrative dataO'Leary, Christopher J.
2011 The efficiency of a group-specific mandated benefit revisited: The effect of infertility mandatesLahey, Joanna N.
2010 The influence of retiree health benefits on retirement patternsMarton, James / Woodbury, Stephen A.
2010 Policies for displaced workers: An american perspectiveO'Leary, Christopher J.
2010 The employment and fiscal effects of Michigan's MEGA tax credit programBartik, Timothy J. / Erickcek, George
2010 Women's work after warKleykamp, Meredith A.
2010 Do bans on affirmative action hurt minority students? Evidence from the Texas Top 10% PlanCortes, Kalena E.
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