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DateTitle Authors
2014 The effects of doubling instruction efforts on middle school students' achievement: Evidence from a multiyear regression-discontinuity designBartik, Timothy J. / Lachowska, Marta
2014 How effects of local labor demand shocks vary with local labor market conditionsBartik, Timothy J.
2014 Financing unemployment insuranceVroman, Wayne / Woodbury, Stephen A.
2014 Social security and divorce decisionsDillender, Marcus
2014 State incentives for innovation, star scientists, and jobs: Evidence from biotechMoretti, Enrico / Wilson, Daniel J.
2014 The distribution of college graduate debt, 1990 to 2008: A decomposition approachHershbein, Brad J. / Hollenbeck, Kevin
2014 Use of supplemental nutritional assistance program benefits by unemployment insurance applicants in Michigan during the Great RecessionO'Leary, Christopher J. / Kline, Kenneth J.
2014 Measuring manufacturing: How the computer and semiconductor industries affect the numbers and perceptionsHouseman, Susan N. / Bartik, Timothy J. / Sturgeon, Timothy J.
2013 Discrimination and the effects of drug testing on black employmentWozniak, Abigail
2013 Effects of the Pre-K program of Kalamazoo County Ready 4s on Kindergarten entry test scores: Estimates based on data from the fall of 2011 and the fall of 2012Bartik, Timothy J.
2013 Say pays!: Shareholder voice and firm performanceCuñat, Vicente / Gine, Mireia / Guadalupe, Maria
2013 Do minimum wage laws affect people who are not covered? Evidence from documented and undocumented, hourly and piece rate workers in US agricultureAlves Pena, Anita
2013 Worker signals among new college graduates: The role of selectivity and GPAHershbein, Brad J.
2013 Expenditure, confidence, and Uncertainty: Identifying shocks to consumer confidence using daily dataLachowska, Marta
2013 Employment relations and wages: What can we learn from subjective assessments?Lachowska, Marta
2013 A methodology for setting state and local regression-adjusted performance targets for workforce investment act programsEberts, Randall W. / Huang, Wei-Jang / Cai, Jing
2013 Partial disability system and labor market adjustment: The case of SpainSilva, Jose I. / Vall-Castello, Judit
2013 Predictors of employment growth and unemployment in US central cities: 1990 - 2010Wolf-Powers, Laura
2013 Social costs of jobs lost due to environmental regulationsBartik, Timothy J.
2013 Unemployment insuranceWoodbury, Stephen A.
2013 The impact of financialization on management and employment outcomesBatt, Rosemary L. / Appelbaum, Eileen
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