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DateTitle Authors
1984 Civil aviation policy and the privatisation of British AirwaysAshworth, Marc / Forsyth, Peter
1985 Privatising London's airportsStarkie, David / Thompson, David
1990 Pensioners and the public purse: Public spending policies and population ageingFry, Vanessa / Smith, Stephen / White, Stuart
1991 Economic policy and the divison of income within the family
1991 Local taxation: The options and the argumentsRidge, Michael / Smith, Stephan
1991 The European carbon tax: An assessment of the European commission's proposalsPearson, Mark / Smith, Stephen
1992 The personal pensions stampedeDisney, Richard / Whitehouse, Edward
1993 The taxation of private pensionsDilnot, Andrew / Johnson, Paul
1993 Children and household living standardsBanks, James / Johnson, Paul
1993 The take-up of means-tested benefits, 1984 - 90Fry, Vanessa / Stark, Graham
1994 Pensions policy in the UK: An economic analysisDilnot, Andrew / Disney, Richard / Johnson, Paul / Whitehouse, Edward
1994 Setting savings free: Proposals for the taxation of savings and profitsThe Capital Taxes Group of The Institute for Fiscal Studies
1995 Options for business rate reformDenny, Kevin / Hall, John / Smith, Stephen
1995 Local sales taxation: An assessment of the feasibility and likely effects of sales taxation at the local level in the UKHall, John / Smith, Stephen
1995 Green taxes and charges: Policy and practice in Britain and GermanySmith, Stephen
1996 The determinants and effects of work-related training in BritainBlundell, Richard / Dearden, Lorraine / Meghir, Costas
1996 Striking the balance: Tax administration, enforcement and compliance in the 1990s ; the Institute for Fiscal Studies, sixth residential conference, 16 - 17 April 1993
1996 Living with the state: The incomes and work incentives of tenants in the social rented sectorGiles, Christopher / Johnson, Paul / McCrae, Julian / Taylor, Jayne
1997 The dynamics of low pay and unemployment in early 1990s BritainGosling, Amanda / Johnson, Paul / McCrae, Julian / Paull, Gillian
1997 Labour turnover and work-related trainingDearden, Lorraine / Machin, Stephen / Reed, Howard / Wilkinson, David
1997 Taxing profits in a changing worldChennells, Lucy / Griffith, Rachel
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