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DateTitle Authors
2011 Safe sanitation: Findings from the impact evaluation baseline survey in Orissa, India. Financial Inclusion improves sanitation and health - FINSIH ProjectAugsburg, Britta
2010 Microfinance in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A randomised field experiment on the impact of extending microfinance to marginal clientsAugsburg, Britta / De Haas, Ralph / Harmgart, Heike / Meghir, Costas
2010 The wealth and saving of UK families on the eve of the crisisCrossley, Thomas F. / O'Dea, Cormac
2009 Understanding the compliance costs of benefits and tax creditsBennett, Fran / Brewer, Mike / Shaw, Jonathan
2008 Widening participation in higher education: Analysis using linked administrative dataChowdry, Haroon / Crawford, Claire / Dearden, Lorraine / Goodman, Alissa / Vignoles, Anna
2008 Measuring the impact of microfinance on poor rural women in Mongolia: A randomised field experiment on group-lending versus individual lending ; baseline reportAugsburg, Britta
2006 The UK tax system and the environmentLeicester, Andrew
2005 Prepared for retirement? The adequacy and distribution of retirement resources in EnglandBanks, James / Emmerson, Carl / Oldfield, Zoë / Tetlow, Gemma
2004 Consumption trends in the UK, 1975 - 99Blow, Laura / Leicester, Andrew / Oldfield, Zoë
2004 Baseline report on the evaluation of Familias en AccionAttanasio, Orazio / Benavides, Claudia / Borda, Catalina / Castro, Carlos / Carvajal, Maria Elvira / Gómez, Luis Carlos / Gómez, Ana / Gómez, Luis Fernando / Grillo, Santiago / Gutiérrez, Martha Isabel / Heredia, Rodolfo / Romero, Jhon Jairo / Alvarez, Jorge Luis / Meghir, Costas / Mojica, Maria Teresa / Muñoz, Manuel / Muñoz, Mariana / Murgueitio, Carolina / Patarroyo, Marcela / Ramírez, Manuel
2004 Permanent differences? Income and expenditure inequality in the 1990s and 2000sGoodman, Alissa / Oldfield, Zoë
2000 Corporate tax harmonisation in Europe: A guide to the debateBond, Stephen / Chennells, Lucy / Devereux, Michael P. / Gammie, Malcolm / Troup, Edward
1999 Entering work and the British tax and benefit systemGregg, Paul / Johnson, Paul / Reed, Howard
1999 Household saving in the UKBanks, James / Tanner, Sarah
1998 How reliable is the family expenditure survey? Trends in incomes and expenditures over time
1997 Taxing profits in a changing worldChennells, Lucy / Griffith, Rachel
1997 Labour turnover and work-related trainingDearden, Lorraine / Machin, Stephen / Reed, Howard / Wilkinson, David
1997 The dynamics of low pay and unemployment in early 1990s BritainGosling, Amanda / Johnson, Paul / McCrae, Julian / Paull, Gillian
1996 Living with the state: The incomes and work incentives of tenants in the social rented sectorGiles, Christopher / Johnson, Paul / McCrae, Julian / Taylor, Jayne
1996 Striking the balance: Tax administration, enforcement and compliance in the 1990s ; the Institute for Fiscal Studies, sixth residential conference, 16 - 17 April 1993
1996 The determinants and effects of work-related training in BritainBlundell, Richard / Dearden, Lorraine / Meghir, Costas
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