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DateTitle Authors
2014 Does GP practice size matter? GP practice size and the quality of primary careKelly, Elaine / Stoye, George
2014 The costs and benefits of different initial teacher training routesAllen, Rebecca / Belfield, Chris / Greaves, Ellen / Sharp, Caroline / Walker, Matt
2014 The economic effects of pre-school education and qualityCattan, Sarah / Crawford, Claire / Dearden, Lorraine
2014 Retirement in the 21st centuryChandler, Daniel / Tetlow, Gemma
2014 Public sector pay in the UKCribb, Jonathan / Emmerson, Carl / Sibieta, Luke
2014 Living standards, poverty and inequality in the UK: 2014Belfield, Chris / Cribb, Jonathan / Hood, Andrew / Joyce, Robert
2014 Estimating the public cost of student loansCrawford, Claire / Crawford, Rowena / Jin, Wenchao
2014 Payback time? Student debt and loan repayments: what will the 2012 reforms mean for graduates?Crawford, Claire / Jin, Wenchao
2014 The changing face of retirement: Future patterns of work, health, care and income among the older populationEmmerson, Carl / Heald, Katherine / Hood, Andrew
2014 The case for taking a life-cycle perspective: Inequality, redistribution, and tax and benefit reformsRoantree, Barra / Shaw, Jonathan
2014 Council tax support schemes in England: What did local authorities choose, and with what effects?Adam, Stuart / Browne, James / Jeffs, William / Joyce, Robert
2014 IFS green budget: February 2014
2013 Fiscal sustainability of an independent ScotlandAmior, Michael / Crawford, Rowena / Tetlow, Gemma
2013 Scenarios for the Welsh government budget to 2025 - 26Deaner, Benjamin / Phillips, David
2013 The economic circumstances of cohorts born between the 1940s and the 1970sHood, Andrew / Joyce, Robert
2013 IFS green budget: February 2013
2013 The outlook for higher education spending by the department for business, innovation and skillsCrawford, Claire / Crawford, Rowena / Jin, Wenchao
2013 Energy use policies and carbon pricing in the UKAdvani, Arun / Bassi, Samuela / Bowen, Alex / Fankhauser, Sam / Johnson, Paul / Leicester, Andrew / Stoye, George
2013 Household energy use in Britain: A distributional analysisAdvani, Arun / Johnson, Paul / Leicester, Andrew / Stoye, George
2013 Cohabitation, marriage, relationship stability and child outcomes: Final reportCrawford, Claire / Goodman, Alissa / Greaves, Ellen
2013 Child and working-age poverty in Northern Ireland from 2010 to 2020Browne, James / Hood, Andrew / Joyce, Robert
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