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DateTitle Authors
2007 A multi-agent systems approach to microeconomic foundations of macroGibson, Bill
2008 Corruption and growth: Exploring the investment channelBaliamoune-Lutz, Mina / Ndikumana, LĂ©once
2008 Structural causes of the global financial crisis: A critical assessment of the "New Financial Architecture"Crotty, James
2008 Growth, instability and cycles: Harrodian and Kaleckian models of accumulation and income distributionSkott, Peter
2008 Keynesian and neoclassical closures in an agent-based contextGibson, Bill
2008 Is altruism bad for cooperation?Hwang, Sung-Ha / Bowles, Samuel
2008 Proposals for effectively regulating the US financial system to avoid yet another meltdownCrotty, James / Epstein, Gerald
2008 The current macroeconomic crisisGibson, Bill
2008 Social preferences and public economics: Mechanism design when social preferences depend on incentivesBowles, Samuel / Hwang, Sung-Ha
2008 Theoretical and empirical shortcomings of the Kaleckian investment functionSkott, Peter
2008 Social choice and information: A note on the calculus of mappings from utility spacesCoram, Alex
2008 Measuring corporate environmental justice performanceAsh, Michael / Boyce, James K.
2008 Must improved labor standards hurt accumulation in an open developing economy? A structuralist analysis of the Cambodian caseRazmi, Arslan
2008 Financialization in Kaleckian economies with and without labor constraintsRyoo, Soon / Skott, Peter
2008 Bandwagon, underdog, and political competition: The uni-dimensional caseLee, Woojin
2008 The dynamics of resource spending in a competition between political parties: General notes on the Red Queen effectCoram, Alex
2008 Is the Chinese investment- and export-led growth model sustainable? Some rising concernsRazmi, Arslan
2009 The structuralist growth modelGibson, Bill
2009 The bonus-driven "rainmaker" financial firm: How these firms enrich top employees, destroy shareholder value and create system financial instabilityCrotty, James
2009 Relations of production and modes of surplus extraction in India: An aggregate studyBasole, Amit / Basu, Deepankar
2009 The real exchange rate as an instrument of development policyRazmi, Arslan / Rapetti, Martin / Skott, Peter
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