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DateTitle Authors
2000 Is Africa a Net Creditor? New Estimates of Capital Flight from Severely Indebted Sub-Saharan African Countries, 1970-1996Boyce, James K. / Ndikumana, Léonce
2000 Strong Reciprocity and Human SocialityGintis, Herbert
2000 Risk Aversion, Insurance, and the Efficiency-Equality TradeoffBowles, Samuel / Gintis, Herbert
2000 Walrasian Economics in RetrospectBowles, Samuel / Gintis, Herbert
2000 The Determinants of Earnings: Skills, Preferences, and SchoolingBowles, Samuel / Gintis, Herbert / Osborne, Melissa
2000 The Evolution of Strong ReciprocityBowles, Samuel / Gintis, Herbert
2000 Optimal Parochialism: The Dynamics of Trust and Exclusion in NetworksBowles, Samuel / Gintis, Herbert
2000 Incentives and Equity Under Standards-Based ReformBetts, Julian R. / Costrell, Robert M.
2001 International Cartel Enforcement: Lessons from the 1990sEvenett, Simon J. / Levenstein, Margaret C. / Suslow, Valerie Y.
2002 What Determines Cartel Success?Levenstein, Margaret C. / Suslow, Valerie Y.
2002 Public Debts and Private Assets: Explaining Capital Flight from Sub-Saharan African CountriesNdikumana, Léonce / Boyce, James K.
2003 Financial Development, Financial Structure, and Domestic Investment: International EvidenceNdikumana, Léonce
2004 Green and Brown? Globalization and the EnvironmentBoyce, James K.
2004 Economic Explanation, Ordinality and the Adequacy of Analytic SpecificationKatzner, Donald W. / Skott, Peter
2004 Wage inequality and skill asymmetriesSkott, Peter / Auerbach, Paul
2004 Ideological State Apparatuses, Consumerism, and U.S. Capitalism: Lessons for the LeftWolff, Richard D.
2004 Election campaigns, agenda setting and electoral outcomesHoller, Manfred / Skott, Peter
2004 Fairness as a source of hysteresis in employment and relative wagesSkott, Peter
2004 Separate and Unequal: The Effect of Unequal Access to Employment-Based Health Insurance on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual PeopleAsh, Michael A. / Badgett, M.V. Lee
2004 Steindlian Models of Growth and StagnationSkott, Peter / Flaschel, Peter
2004 Emulation, Inequality, and Work Hours: Was Thorsten Veblen Right?Bowles, Samuel / Park, Yongjin
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