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DateTitle Authors
2006 Border wars: Tax revenues, annexation, and urban growth in PhoenixHeim, Carol E.
2006 An asymmetric dynamic struggle between pirates and producersCoram, Alex
2006 Social segregation and the dynamics of group inequalityBowles, Samuel / Sethi, Rajiv
2006 Relative advantage, queue jumping, and welfare maximizing wealth distributionCoram, Alex / Noakes, Lyle
2006 Japanese growth and stagnation: A Keynesian perspectiveNakatani, Takeshi / Skott, Peter
2006 Pursuing manufacturing-based export-led growth: Are developing countries increasingly crowding each other out?Razmi, Arslan
2006 Whose money, whose time? A nonparametric approach to modeling time spent on houseworkGupta, Sanjiv / Ash, Michael
2006 Aspects of informalization and income distribution in developing countries: A modified specific factors approachRazmi, Arslan
2007 Social preferences and public economics: Mechanism design when social preferences depend on incentivesBowles, Samuel / Hwang, Sung-Ha
2007 Information and communications technologies, coordination and control, and the distribution of incomeGuy, Frederick / Skott, Peter
2007 Integration, informalization, and income inequality in developing countries: Some general equilibrium explorations in light of accumulating evidenceRazmi, Arslan
2007 Macroeconomic implications of financializationSkott, Peter / Ryoo, Soon
2007 Reserves accumulation in African countries: Sources, motivations, and effectsElhiraika, Adam / Ndikumana, Léonce
2007 The class analysis of households extended: Children, fathers, and family budgetsResnick, Stephen / Wolff, Richard
2007 Power, productivity and profitsGuy, Frederick / Skott, Peter
2007 The growth effects of openness to trade and the role of institutions: New evidence from African countriesBaliamoune-Lutz, Mina / Ndikumana, Léonce
2007 Public finance, aid, and post-conflict recoveryBoyce, James K.
2007 Beyond dualism: Multisegmented labor markets in GhanaHeintz, James / Slonimczyk, Fabian
2007 PowerBowles, Samuel / Gintis, Herbert
2007 The linkages between FDI and domestic investment: Unravelling the developmental impact of foreign investmentNdikumana, Leonce / Verick, Sher
2007 A multi-agent systems approach to microeconomic foundations of macroGibson, Bill
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