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DateTitle Authors
2012 Pluralism, the Lucas critique, and the integration of macro and microSkott, Peter
2012 Employment and distribution effects of the mnimum wageSlonimczyk, Fabián / Skott, Peter
2012 Class struggle and economic fluctuations: VAR analysis of the post-war U.S. economyBasu, Deepankar / Chen, Ying / Oh, Jong-seok
2012 Assessing the rise of organic farming in the European Union: Environmental and socioeconomic consequencesKonstantinidis, Charalampos
2012 The reserve army of labour in the postwar U.S. economy: Some stock and flow estimatesBasu, Deepankar
2012 Real exchange rates and the long-run effects of aggregate demand in economies with underemploymentSkott, Peter / Rapetti, Martin / Razmi, Arslan
2011 An empirical analysis of risk, incentives and the delegation of worker authorityDevaro, Jed / Kurtulus, Fidan Ana
2011 Transparency without accountabilitywa Githinji, Mwangi / Holmquist, Frank
2011 Business cyclesSkott, Peter
2011 The realism of assumptions does matter: Why Keynes-Minsky theory must replace efficient market theory as the guide to financial regulation policyCrotty, James
2011 Worker attitudes towards employee ownership, profit sharing and variable payKurtulus, Fidan Ana / Kruse, Douglas / Blasi, Joseph
2011 The great austerity war: What caused the deficit crisis and who should pay to fix it?Crotty, James
2011 Do women top managers help women advance? A panel study using EEO-1 recordsKurtulus, Fidan Ana / Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald
2011 An empirical analysis of risk preferences, compensation risk, and employee outcomesKurtulus, Fidan Ana / Kruse, Douglas / Blasi, Joseph
2011 Positional goods, climate change and the social returns to investmentDavis, Leila / Skott, Peter
2011 The real exchange rate and economic growth: Are developing countries different?Rapetti, Martin / Skott, Peter / Razmi, Arslan
2011 Land, poverty and human development in Kenyawa Githinji, Mwangi
2011 Technology, distribution and the rate of profit in the US economy: Understanding the current crisisBasu, Deepankar / Vasudevan, Ramaa
2011 What types of organizations benefit from teams, and how do they benefit?Devaro, Jed / Kurtulus, Fidan Ana
2011 What types of diversity benefit workers? Empirical evidence on the effects of co-worker dissimilarity on the performance of employeesKurtulus, Fidan Ana
2011 Comparative growth dynamics in a discrete-time Marxian circuit of capital modelBasu, Deepankar
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