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DateTitle Authors
2011 Life care annuities: Trick or treat for insurance companies?Zhou-Richter, Tian / Gründl, Helmut
2011 Who benefits from building insurance groups? A welfare analysis of optimal group capital managementSchlütter, Sebastian / Gründl, Helmut
2011 The role of frictional costs for insurance pricing and insurer default riskSchlütter, Sebastian
2011 Investigating risk disclosure practices in the European insurance industryHöring, Dirk / Gründl, Helmut
2011 Risk management's place in an organisation: A tradeoff between independence and co-ordinationHöring, Dirk / Gründl, Helmut
2011 Stochastic mortality, macroeconomic risks, and life insurer solvencyHanewald, Katja / Post, Thomas / Gründl, Helmut
2011 Capital requirements or pricing constraints? An economic analysis of measures for insurance regulationSchlütter, Sebastian
2012 Safety versus affordability as targets of insurance regulation in an opaque market: A welfare approachStoyanova, Rayna / Schlütter, Sebastian
2012 Be as safe as possible: A behavioral approach to the optimal corporate risk strategy of insurersZimmer, Anja / Gründl, Helmut / Schade, Christian
2012 Optimal investment strategies for insurance companies in the presence of standardised capital requirementsFischer, Katharina / Schlütter, Sebastian
2012 Will Solvency II market risk requirements bite? The impact of Solvency II on insurers' asset allocationHöring, Dirk
2012 The risk-shifting behavior of insurers under different guarantee schemesDong, Ming / Gründl, Helmut / Schlütter, Sebastian
2013 Solvency II: A driver for mergers and acquisitions?Stoyanova, Rayna / Gründl, Helmut
2014 The impact of firm-level transparency on the ex ante risk decisions of insurers: Evidence from an empirical studyDong, Ming
2014 The effects of a low interest rate environment on life insurersBerdin, Elia / Gründl, Helmut
2014 "And lead us not into temptation": Presentation formats and the choice of risky alternativesGlenzer, Franca / Gründl, Helmut / Wilde, Christian
2014 Market reaction to transparency: An empirical study on life insurance demand in EuropeDong, Ming
2015 The effects of contingent convertible (CoCo) bonds on insurers' capital requirements under Solvency IINiedrig, Tobias / Gründl, Helmut