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DateTitle Authors
2009 Using inflation to erode the US public debtAizenman, Joshua / Marion, Nancy
2009 Controlling capital? Legal restrictions and the asset composition of international financial flowsBinici, Mahir / Hutchison, Michael / Schindler, Martin
2009 Transmission of the US subprime crisis to emerging markets: Evidence on the decoupling-recoupling hypothesisDooley, Michael / Hutchison, Michael
2009 International gross capital flows: A new measure and application to a global panelJanus, Thorsten / Riera-Crichton, Daniel
2009 The emerging global financial architecture: Tracing and evaluating the new patterns of the Trilemma's configurationsAizenman, Joshua / Chinn, Menzie D. / Ito, Hiro
2009 Adjustment of state owned and foreign-funded enterprises in China to economic reforms, 1980s - 2007: A Logistic Smooth Transition Regression (LSTR) approachAizenman, Joshua / Geng, Nan
2008 Examining US productivity: Knowledge flows from industry and country sourcesKoch, William
2008 Navigating the trilemma: Capital flows and monetary policy in ChinaGlick, Reuven / Hutchison, Michael
2008 Do both US and foreign macro surprises matter for the intraday exchange rate? Evidence from JapanFatum, Rasmus / Hutchison, Michael / Wu, Thomas
2008 Capital market imperfections and the theory of optimum currency areasAgénor, Pierre-Richard / Aizenman, Joshua
2008 Inflation targeting and real exchange rates in emerging marketsAizenman, Joshua / Hutchison, Michael / Noy, Ilan
2008 Indian capital control liberalization: Evidence from NDF marketsHutchison, Michael / Kendall, Jake / Pasricha, Gurnain / Singh, Nirvikar
2008 Sterilization, monetary policy, and global financial integrationAizenman, Joshua / Glick, Reuven
2008 Domestic value added and employment generated by Chinese exports: A quantitative estimationXikang, Chen / Cheng, Leonard K. / Fung, K. C. / Lau, Lawrence J. / Sung, Yun Wing / Yang, C. / Zhu, K. / Pei, J. / Tang, Z.
2008 Measuring the vertical specialization in Chinese tradeDean, Judith / Fung, K. C. / Wang, Zhi
2008 The internationalization of venture capital and private equityAizenman, Joshua / Kendall, Jake
2008 Fiscal storms: Public spending and revenues in the aftermath of natural disastersNoy, Ilan / Nualsri, Aekkanush
2008 The US as the "demander of last resort" and its implications on China's current accountAizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin
2008 Financial integration in emerging market economiesPasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2008 Relative price levels and current accounts: An explorationAizenman, Joshua
2008 Current account patterns and national real estate marketsAizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin
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