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DateTitle Authors
2006 Will the euro eventually surpass the dollar as leading international reserve currency?Chinn, Menzie / Frankel, Jeffrey
2006 Globalization and developing countries - a shrinking tax base?Aizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin
2006 Real exchange rate and international reserves in an era of growing financial and trade integrationAizenman, Joshua / Riera-Crichton, Daniel
2006 Prizes for basic research - Human capital, economic might and the shadow of historyAizenman, Joshua / Noy, Ilan
2006 ICTs and rural development in IndiaSingh, Nirvikar
2006 Services-led industrialization in India: Assessment and lessonsSingh, Nirvikar
2006 ICT use in the developing world: An analysis of differences in computer and internet penetrationChinn, Menzie D. / Fairlie, Robert W.
2006 Evaluating foreign exchange market intervention: Self-selection, counterfactuals and average treatment effectsFatum, Rasmus / Hutchison, Michael M.
2006 Federalism and economic development in India: An assessmentSingh, Nirvikar / Srinivasan, T. N.
2006 The political economy of India's fiscal federal system and its reformRao, M. Govinda / Singh, Nirvikar
2006 Conventional and unconventional approaches to exchange rate modeling and assessmentAlquist, Ron / Chinn, Menzie D.
2006 International reserves management and the current accountAizenman, Joshua
2006 Signaling credibility - choosing optimal debt and international reservesAizenman, Joshua / Fernández-Ruiz, Jorge
2007 The macroeconomic consequences of disastersNoy, Ilan
2007 The puzzling evolution of the home bias, information processing and financial opennessMondria, Jordi / Wu, Thomas
2007 TakeoffsAizenman, Joshua / Spiegel, Mark
2007 Financial crisis and International reservesAizenman, Joshua
2007 Fiscal and monetary policies and the cost of sudden stopsHutchison, Michael M. / Noy, Ilan / Wang, Lidan
2007 Three current account balances: A "semi-structuralist" interpretationChinn, Menzie / Lee, Jaewoo
2007 Internet kiosks in rural India: What influences success?Kendall, Jake / Singh, Nirvikar
2007 Is foreign direct investment good for growth? Evidence from sectoral analysis of China and VietnamTam Bang Vu / Gangnes, Byron / Noy, Ilan
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