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DateTitle Authors
2008 Financial integration in emerging market economiesPasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2008 Relative price levels and current accounts: An explorationAizenman, Joshua
2008 Current account patterns and national real estate marketsAizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin
2008 Sovereign wealth funds: Stylized facts about their determinants and governanceAizenman, Joshua / Glick, Reuven
2007 International reserves and fiscal policy in developing countriesZhou, Yan
2007 Order flow in the South: Anatomy of the Brazilian FX marketWu, Thomas
2007 Fiscal federalism and decentralization in IndiaSingh, Nirvikar
2007 Bubbles and crashes: Escape dynamics in financial marketsFriedman, Daniel / Abraham, Ralph
2007 East Asia and global imbalances: Saving, investment, and financial developmentIto, Hiro / Chinn, Menzie
2007 Fiscal decentralization in China and India: Competitive, cooperative or market preserving federalism?Singh, Nirvikar
2007 Globalization and the sustainability of large current account imbalances: Size mattersAizenman, Joshua / Sun, Yi
2007 Monetary policy choices in emerging market economies: The case of high productivity growthNatalucci, Fabio M. / Ravenna, Federico
2007 Large hoarding of international reserves and the emerging global economic architectureAizenman, Joshua
2007 What do exogenous shocks tell us about growth theories?Noy, Ilan / Nualsri, Aekkanush
2007 Real-time effects of central bank interventions in the euro marketFatum, Rasmus / Pedersen, Jesper
2007 Economic growth with constraints on tax revenues and public debt: Implications for fiscal policy and cross-country differencesAizenman, Joshua / Kletzer, Kenneth / Pinto, Brian
2007 Financial versus monetary mercantilism: Long-run view of large international reserves hoardingAizenman, Joshua / Lee, Jaewoo
2007 China's current account and exchange rateCheung, Yin-Wong / Chinn, Menzie / Fujii, Eiji
2007 The impact of inflation targeting: Testing the good luck hypothesisRavenna, Federico
2007 Price-based measurement of financial globalization: A cross-country study of interest rate parityIto, Hiro / Chinn, Menzie
2007 Is foreign direct investment good for growth? Evidence from sectoral analysis of China and VietnamTam Bang Vu / Gangnes, Byron / Noy, Ilan
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