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DateTitle Authors
2000 Incentives and the Core of an exchange economy: A surveyForges, Françoise / Minelli, Enrico / Vohra, Rajiv
2000 Type diversity and virtual Bayesian implementationSerrano, Roberto / Vohra, Rajiv
2000 Das Human KapitalGalor, Oded / Moav, Omer
2000 Natural selection and the origin of economic growthGalor, Oded / Moav, Omer
2001 Debt, liquidity and dynamicsPolemarchakis, H. M. / Rochon, Céline
2001 Helping the invisible hand: A theory of endogenous mutual concernKolmar, Martin
2001 Endogenously excludable goodsKolmar, Martin
2001 The ex ante incentive compatible core in the absence of wealth effectsForges, Françoise / Mertens, Jean-François / Vohra, Rajiv
2001 Why chads? Determinants of voting equipment use in the United StatesGarner, Phillip / Spolaore, Enrico
2001 Information at equilibriumMinelli, Enrico / Polemarchakis, H.
2001 Money and prices under uncertaintyNakajima, Tomoyuki / Polemarchakis, Herakles
2001 On the evaluation of economic mobilityGottschalk, Peter / Spolaore, Enrico
2001 Incomplete information, credibility and the CoreDutta, Bhaskar / Vohra, Rajiv
2001 Structural changes in the cointegrated vector autoregressive modelHansen, Peter Reinhard
2001 A comparison of the average prekernel and the prekernelSerrano, Roberto / Shimomura, Ken-ichi
2001 Markets and contractsBisin, A / Geanakoplos J. D. / Gottardi P. / Minelli E. / Polemarchakis H.
2001 Federalism and the optimal degree of centralization of public goodsKolmar, Martin
2001 Pareto improving price regulation when the asset market is incompleteHerings, P. J. J. / Polemarchakis, H.
2001 Educational inequalityAzuma, Yoshiaki / Grossman, Herschel I.
2001 Implementing the Mas-Colell bargaining setSerrano, Roberto / Vohra, Rajiv
2001 The taxation of trades in assetsCitanna, A. / Polemarchakis, H. M. / Tirelli, M.
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