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DateTitle Authors
1996 The Value of Life RevisitedFeldman, Allan M.
1997 Beyond Nash Bargaining Theory: The Nash SetSerrano, Roberto / Shimomura, Ken-Ichi
1997 Values and Institutions in Economic AnalysisBen-Ner, Avner / Putterman, Louis
1997 Pre-Industrial and Post-War Economic Development: Is There a Link?Burkett, John / Humblet, Catherine / Putterman, Louis
1997 Probabilistic Value of Life vs. Deterministic Value of TimeFeldman, Allan M.
1997 The Impact of Mass Migration on the Israeli Labor MarketFriedberg, Rachel
1997 Communication, Credible Improvements and the Core of an Economy with Asymmetric InformationVolij, Oscar
1997 The Core for Economies with Asymmetric Information: An Axiomatic ApproachLee, Darin / Volij, Oscar
1998 Abstract Equilibria, Interactive Choice Sets and Walrasian AllocationsSerrano, Roberto / Volij, Oscar
1998 Credit Programs for the Poor and the Nutritional Status of Children in Rural BangladeshPitt, Mark M. / Khandker, Shahidur R. / Chowdhury, Omar Haider / Millimet, Daniel L.
1998 Value of Life, Value of Time, and Constant Relative Risk Aversion Utility.Feldman, Allan M.
1998 A Decentralized Market with Common Values Uncertainty: Non-Steady StatesBlouin, Max / Serrano, Roberto
1999 Estimation of Coherent Demand Systems with Many Binding Non-Negativity ConstraintsPitt, Mark M. / Millimet, Daniel L.
1999 Butter and Guns: Complementarity between Economic and Military CompetitionGrossman, Herschel I. / Mendoza, Juan
1999 Civil Conflict: Ended Or Never Ending?Gershenson, Dimitriy / Grossman, Herschel I.
1999 The Struggle for SurvivalGrossman, Herschel I. / Mendoza, Juan
2000 Incentives and the Core of an exchange economy: A surveyForges, Fran├žoise / Minelli, Enrico / Vohra, Rajiv
2000 Type diversity and virtual Bayesian implementationSerrano, Roberto / Vohra, Rajiv
2000 Das Human KapitalGalor, Oded / Moav, Omer
2000 Natural selection and the origin of economic growthGalor, Oded / Moav, Omer
2000 Is a Moral Disposition Rewarded?Grossman, Herschel / Kim, Minseong
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