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DateTitle Authors
2010 Partial identification of wage effects of training programsLechner, Michael / Melly, Blaise
2010 Sending information to interactive receivers playing a generalized prisoners' dilemmaEliaz, Kfir / Serrano, Roberto
2010 Trust among the avatars: A virtual world experiment, with and without textual and visual cuesAtlas, Stephen / Putterman, Louis
2010 Equality, equity and incentives: An experimentBalafoutas, Loukas / Kocher, Martin G. / Putterman, Louis / Sutter, Matthias
2010 Ex-post regret learning in games with fixed and random matching: The case of private valuesSaran, Rene / Serrano, Roberto
2010 A new necessary condition for implementation in iteratively undominated strategiesKunimoto, Takashi / Serrano, Roberto
2010 Entropy and the value of information for investorsCabrales, Antonio / Gossner, Olivier / Serrano, Roberto
2010 The "Out of Africa" hypothesis, human genetic diversity, and comparative economic developmentAshraf, Quamrul / Galor, Oded
2010 Evaluating the conditions for robust mechanism designKunimoto, Takashi / Serrano, Robert
2010 Comment on "The Veil of Public Ignorance"De Clippel, Geoffroy
2010 Community structure and market outcomes: A repeated games in networks approachFainmesser, Itay P.
2010 Regret matching with finite memorySaran, Rene / Serrano, Roberto
2010 Public goods and voting on formal sanction schemes: An experimentPutterman, Louis / Tyran, Jean-Robert / Kamei, Kenju
2010 Age matching patterns and searchSautmann, Anja
2010 The demographic transition: Causes and consequencesGalor, Oded
2010 Egalitarianism under incomplete informationDe Clippel, Geoffroy
2011 Evolution and the growth process: Natural selection of entrepreneurial traitsGalor, Oded
2011 Self-Organization for collective action: An experimental study of voting on formal, informal, and no sanction regimesMarkussen, Thomas / Putterman, Louis / Tyran, Jean-Robert
2011 Cultural diversity, geographical isolation, and the origin of the wealth of nationsAshrafy, Quamrul / Galorz, Oded
2011 The effect of interventions to reduce fertility on economic growthAshraf, Quamrul H. / Weil, David N. / Wilde, Joshua
2011 Testing for rationality with consumption data: Demographics and heterogeneityDeany, Mark / Martinz, Daniel
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