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DateTitle Authors
2012 In broad daylight: Full information and higher-order punishment opportunities promote cooperationKameik, Kenju / Putterman, Louis
2012 Premise-based versus outcome-based information aggregationde Clippel, Geoffroy / Eliaz, Kfir
2012 Allais, Ellsberg, and preferences for HedgingDeany, Mark / Ortolevaz, Pietro
2012 An uninterpreted spatial version of the trust game: Evidence of reciprocity without suggestive words, evidence of iterated dominance self-taughtPage, Talbot / Putterman, Louis
2012 Determinants and economic consequences of colonization: A global analysisErtan, Arhan / Putterman, Louis / Fiszbein, Martin
2012 Bounded rationality and limited datasets: Testable implications, identifiability, and out-of-sample predictionde Clippely, Geoffroy / Rozen, Kareen
2012 On the selection of arbitratorsde Clippel, Geoffroy / Eliaz, Kfir / Knight, Brian
2012 Behavioral implementationde Clippely, Geoffroy
2012 How inflation affects macroeconomic performance: An agent-based computational investigationAshraf, Quamrul / Gershman, Boris / Howitt, Peter
2012 Destroy to savede Clippel, Geoffroy / Naroditskiy, Victor / Polukarov, Maria / Greenwald, Amy / Jennings, Nicholas R.
2011 On the strategic disclosure of feasible options in bargainingde Clippel, Geoffroy / Eliaz, Kfir
2011 Volunteerism after the tsunami: Democratization and aidFreire, Tiago / Henderson, Vernon / Kuncoro, Ari
2011 Mobile banking: The impact of M-Pesa in KenyaMbiti, Isaac / Weil, David N.
2011 Inequality, human capital formation and the process of developmentGalor, Oded
2011 Bilateral and community enforcement in a networked market with simple strategiesFainmessery, Itay P. / Goldberg, David A.
2011 Cooperative games with incomplete information: Some open problemsForges, Fran├žoise / Serrano, Roberto
2011 A variation on EllsbergEliaz, Kfir / Ortoleva, Pietro
2011 Contracts for agents with biased beliefs: Some theory and an experimentSautmann, Anja
2011 Partner search and demographics: The marriage squeeze in IndiaSautmann, Anja
2011 State or nature? Formal vs. informal sanctioning in the voluntary provision of public goodsKamei, Kenju / Putterman, Louis / Tyran, Jean-Robert
2011 Testing for rationality with consumption data: Demographics and heterogeneityDeany, Mark / Martinz, Daniel
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