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DateTitle Authors
2014 Credit constraints and the measurement of time preferencesDean, Mark / Sautmann, Anja
2014 The out of Africa hypothesis of comparative development reflected by nighttime light intensityAshraf, Quamrul / Galor, Oded / Klemp, Marc
2014 Exclusive intermediationFainmesser, Itay P.
2014 Re-Re-Reply to 'The Impact of Microcredit on the Poor in Bangladesh: Revisiting the Evidence'Pitt, Mark M.
2014 Slutsky matrix norms and the size of bounded rationalityAguiar, Victor H. / Serrano, Roberto
2013 Coalition formationRay, Debraj / Vohra, Rajiv
2013 Genetic diversity and the origins of cultural fragmentationAshraf, Quamrul / Galor, Oded
2013 The evolutionary robustness of forgiveness and cooperationDal Bó, Pedro / Pujalsy, Enrique R.
2013 The farsighted stable setRay, Debraj / Vohra, Rajiv
2013 Be fruitful and multiply? Moderate fecundity and long-run reproductive successGalor, Oded / Klemp, Marc
2013 The nature of civil conflictArbath, Cemal Eren / Ashraf, Quamrul / Galor, Oded
2013 Inclusive institutions and long-run misallocationGalor, Oded / Munshiy, Kaivan / Wilson, Nicholas
2013 The value of network informationFainmesser, Itay P. / Galeotti, Andrea
2013 Persistence of fortune: Accounting for population movements, there was no post-columbian reversalChanda, Areendam / Cook, C. Justin / Putterman, Louis
2013 Play it again: Partner choice, reputation building and learning in restarting, finitely-repeated dilemma gamesKamei, Kenju / Putterman, Louis
2013 Post-malthusian dynamics in pre-industrial ScandinaviaKlemp, Marc / Møller, Niels Framroze
2013 Volume of trade and dynamic network formation in two-sided economiesPongou, Roland / Serrano, Roberto
2013 Preferences for redistribution and perception of fairness: An experimental studyDurante, Ruben / Putterman, Louis / van der Weele, Joël
2013 Income distribution and macroeconomicsGalor, Oded / Zeira, Joseph
2013 Climatic fluctuations and the diffusion of agricultureAshraf, Quamrul / Michalopoulos, Stelios
2012 Bonferroni-based size-correction for non standard testing problemsMcCloskey, Adam
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