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DateTitle Authors
2010 The profit centers based managementIon, Verboncu
2010 Estimating long-run equilibrium relationship between government expenditures and revenues in RomaniaValeriu, Nalban
2010 Public budgets: New challengesAttila, György
2010 The analysis of budget rules and macroeconomic implications in several developed economiesFlorin, Popescu Răzvan / Sergiu, Prodan
2010 Regionalization and federalization in European Union: Application of the principle of subsidiarityEne-Corbeanu, Christian
2011 What do we know about the government interventions in the economy?Emilia Mioara, Câmpeanu
2011 Financing the public health system: Defining reference point for optimizing managerial decisionsNicolae, Stoina Cristian
2011 Influence of financial policy about the employment in RomaniaNarcisa Roxana, Moşteanu
2011 Considerations on the public funds use based on the performance: Program budgetingIoana, Boboc
2012 The impact of ageing population on the social security budget: Case study for Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, and the United StatesVlad, Roşca / Mădălina, Rădoi