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DateTitle Authors
2012 The impact of ageing population on the social security budget: Case study for Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, and the United StatesVlad, Roşca / Mădălina, Rădoi
2011 Considerations on the public funds use based on the performance: Program budgetingIoana, Boboc
2011 Influence of financial policy about the employment in RomaniaNarcisa Roxana, Moşteanu
2011 Financing the public health system: Defining reference point for optimizing managerial decisionsNicolae, Stoina Cristian
2011 What do we know about the government interventions in the economy?Emilia Mioara, Câmpeanu
2010 Regionalization and federalization in European Union: Application of the principle of subsidiarityEne-Corbeanu, Christian
2010 The analysis of budget rules and macroeconomic implications in several developed economiesFlorin, Popescu Răzvan / Sergiu, Prodan
2010 Public budgets: New challengesAttila, György
2010 Estimating long-run equilibrium relationship between government expenditures and revenues in RomaniaValeriu, Nalban
2010 The profit centers based managementIon, Verboncu