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DateTitle Authors
2015 Markets for leaked informationHuck, Steffen / Weizsäcker, Georg
2015 More effort with less pay: On information avoidance, belief design and performanceHuck, Steffen / Szech, Nora / Wenner, Lukas M.
2015 More effort with less pay: On information avoidance, belief design and performanceHuck, Steffen / Szech, Nora / Wenner, Lukas M.
2015 Reforming an institutional culture of corruption: A model of motivated agents and collective reputationValasek, Justin
2015 Matching donations without crowding out? Some theoretical considerations and a field experimentAdena, Maja / Huck, Steffen
2015 Revenues and welfare in auctions with information releaseSchweizer, Nikolaus / Szech, Nora
2015 Radio and the rise of the Nazis in prewar GermanyAdena, Maja / Enikolopov, Ruben / Petrova, Maria / Santarosa, Veronica / Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina
2015 Price competition and reputation in markets for experience goods: An experimental studyHuck, Steffen / Lünser, Gabriele K. / Tyran, Jean-Robert
2014 Who knows it is a game? On strategic awareness and cognitive abilityFehr, Dietmar / Huck, Steffen
2014 Imitation under stressBuckert, Magdalena / Oechssler, Jörg / Schwieren, Christiane
2014 The standard portfolio choice problem in GermanyHuck, Steffen / Schmidt, Tobias / Weizsäcker, Georg
2014 Medical insurance and free choice of physician shape patient overtreatment: A laboratory experimentHuck, Steffen / Lünser, Gabriele / Spitzer, Florian / Tyran, Jean-Robert
2014 Expected prices as reference points: Theory and experimentsWenner, Lukas
2014 Is response time predictive of choice? An experimental study of threshold strategiesSchotter, Andrew / Trevino, Isabel
2014 Microfinance at the margin: Experimental evidence from Bosnia and HerzegovinaAugsburg, Britta / de Haas, Ralph / Harmgart, Heike / Meghir, Costas
2014 Group lending or individual lending? Evidence from a randomised field experiment in MongoliaAttanasio, Orazio / Augsburg, Britta / de Haas, Ralph / Fitzsimons, Emla / Harmgart, Heike
2014 Tax-price elasticity of charitable donations: Evidence from the German taxpayer panelAdena, Maja
2014 A note on empathy in gamesGrohn, Jan / Huck, Steffen / Valasek, Justin Mattias
2013 Crop failures and export tariffsBaake, Pio / Huck, Steffen
2013 Price framingHuck, Steffen / Schmid, Julia / Wallace, Brian
2013 Strategy choice in the infinitely repeated prisoners' dilemmaDal Bó, Pedro / Fréchette, Guillaume R.
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