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DateTitle Authors
2005 Efficiency and biodiversity: empirical evidence from TanzaniaAbdallah, Jumanne / Sauer, Johannes
2005 Village Level Labor Market Development in Tanzania : Evidence from Spatial EconometricsMduma, John K. / Wobst, Peter
2005 Status Aspirations, Wealth Inequality, and Economic GrowthStark, Oded
2004 Resource abundance, governance and economic performance in Turkmenistan and UzbekistanPomfret, Richard
2004 Gains of regional cooperation: Environmental problems and solutionsMarkandya, Anil
2004 Nature's blessing or nature's curse: The political economy of transition in resource-based economiesEsanov, Akram / Raiser, Martin / Buiter, Willem
2004 The effects of the Dutch disease in RussiaAlgieri, Bernardina
2004 Impacts of community health insurance schemes on health care provision in rural TanzaniaMsuya, John M. / Jütting, Johannes P. / Asfaw, Abay
2004 Nutrient flows in agricultural production and international trade: Ecological and policy issuesCraswell, Eric T. / Grote, Ulrike / Henao, Julio / Vlek, Paul L. G.
2004 Towards a Theory of Self-Segregation as a Response to Relative Deprivation : Steady-State Outcomes and Social WelfareStark, Oded / Wang, You Qiang
2004 Agricultural Policies in Vietnam : Producer Support Estimates, 1986-2002Nguyen, Hoa / Grote, Ulrike
2004 Black-Box Frontiers and Implications for Development Policy : Theoretical ConsiderationsSauer, Johannes / Frohberg, Klaus / Hockmann, Heinrich
2004 Heuristic Considerations on the Typology of Groups and MinoritiesIhne, Hartmut
2004 Exploiting Common Resources with Capital-Intensive Technologies : The Role of External ForcesEngel, Stefanie / López, Ramón
2004 On the demand for grandchildren : tied transfers and the demonstration effectCox, Donald / Stark, Oded
2004 The problem of court congestion : evidence from Indian lower courtsHazra, Arnab K. / Micevska, Maja B.
2004 Modeling the impact of fiscal decentralization on health outcomes : empirical evidence from IndiaJames, K.S. / Frohberg, Klaus / Asfaw, Abay / Jütting, Johannes P.
2004 The Impact of Rural Enterprises on Household Savings in ChinaZhu, Qiuxia
2004 Do Democracy and Press Freedom Reduce Corruption? : Evidence from a Cross Country StudyChowdhury, Shyamal K.
2004 On the Economics of Refugee FlowsStark, Oded
2003 Cooperation and wealthStark, Oded
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