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DateTitle Authors
2010 Casting the naturalization of asylum seekers as an economic problemStark, Oded
2009 Cooperation in transboundary water sharing under climate changeBhaduri, Anik / Manna, Utpal / Barbier, Edward B. / Liebe, Jens
2009 Economic analysis of water supply cost structure in the Middle Olifants sub-basin of South AfricaTsegai, Daniel W. / Linz, Teresa / Kloos, Julia
2009 Industrial water demand analysis in the Middle Olifants sub-basin of South Africa: The case of miningLinz, Teresa / Tsegai, Daniel W.
2009 Measuring biodiversity: An axiomatic evaluation of measures based on genetic dataGerber, Nicolas
2009 An evolutionary edge of knowing less (or: on the 'Curse' of global information)Stark, Oded / Behrens, Doris A.
2009 Gauging the potential for social unrestStark, Oded / Hyll, Walter / Behrens, Doris A.
2009 Reasons for remittingStark, Oded
2009 Preferences for domestic water services in the Middle Olifants sub-basin of South AfricaKloos, Julia / Tsegai, Daniel W.
2009 A theory of migration as a response to occupational stigmaStark, Oded / Fan, C. Simon
2008 The impact of location on crop choice and rural livelihood: evidences from villages in Northern EthiopiaNuru, Seid / Seebens, Holger
2008 The impacts of biofuel production on food prices: a reviewGerber, Nicolas / van Eckert, Manfred / Breuer, Thomas
2008 On the evolutionary edge of migration as an assortative mating deviceStark, Oded / Behrens, Doris A. / Wang, Yong
2008 Shadow pricing market access: a trade benefit function approachChau, Nancy H. / Färe, Rolf
2008 Bioenergy and rural development in developing countries: a review of existing studiesGerber, Nicolas
2008 Scope and sustainability of cooperation in transboundary water sharing of the Volta RiverBhaduri, Anik / Perez, Nicostrato / Liebe, Jens
2008 Label performance and the willingness to pay for fair trade coffee: a cross-national perspectiveBasu, Arnab K. / Hicks, Robert L.
2008 Chinas langer Marsch zur Umweltrevolution Umweltprobleme und Umweltpolitik der Chinesischen VolksrepublikBohnet, Michael
2007 Losses and gains to developing countries from the migration of educated workers: an overview of recent research, and new reflectionsStark, Oded / Fan, C. Simon
2007 Why financial incentives can destroy economically valuable biodiversity in EthiopiaGatzweiler, Franz / Reichhuber, Anke / Hein, Lars
2007 The brain drain, educated unemployment, human capital formation, and economic bettermentStark, Oded / Fan, C. Simon
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