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DateTitle Authors
1998 Historical perspectives on US trade policyIrwin, Douglas A.
1998 International capital flows: Sustainability, sudden reversals, and market failuresRazin, Assaf
1998 The empirics of currency and banking crisesEichengreen, Barry / Rose, Andrew K.
1998 Patents, patent citations, and the dynamics of technological changeJaffe, Adam B.
1998 The economics of mass migrationsWilliamson, Jeffrey G.
1998 Corporate financeVishny, Robert W.
1998 Institutions for managing risks to living standardsShiller, Robert J.
1998 Do we still need commercial banks?Rajan, Raghuram G.
1998 Developments in pensionsMitchell, Olivia S.
1998 Entrepreneurs, star scientists, and biotechnologyZucker, Lynne G. / Darby, Michael R.
1998 Exchange rates and pricesEngel, Charles M.
1998 The economics of crime and the criminal justice systemLevitt, Steven D.
1998 New products and price indexesHausman, Jerry A.
1998 Program report: Public economicsPoterba, James M.
1998 Progam report: Health economicsGrossman, Michael
1998 The economics of school reformHoxby, Caroline M.
1998 Inflation targetingBernanke, Ben S.
1998 Equity flows, banks, and AsiaStulz, Rene M.
1998 The future of investment in emerging marketsHarvey, Campbell R.
1998 NBER Reporter Online, Volume 1998
1999 Emerging equity markets and market integrationBekaert, Geert
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