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DateTitle Authors
2011 NBER Reporter Online, Volume 2011
2011 Selection and asymmetric information in insurance marketsEinav, Liran / Finkelstein, Amy
2011 Sovereign debt in the second great contraction: Is this time different?Rogoff, Kenneth S.
2011 Development of the American economyGoldin, Claudia
2011 The international trade and investment programFeenstra, Robert C.
2011 Economics of educationHoxby, Caroline M.
2011 Trust and financeSapienza, Paola / Zingales, Luigi
2011 A summary of recent corporate tax researchGraham, John R.
2011 The labor market effects of immigrantsPeri, Giovanni
2011 Evaluating the impact of social securityMilligan, Kevin
2011 Trade agreements as incomplete contractsMaggi, Giovanni
2011 Fund flows and performance in the venture capital industrySchoar, Antoinette
2011 Offshoring, international trade, and American workersHarrison, Ann / McMillan, Margaret
2011 Fiscal stress and inflationLeeper, Eric M.
2011 Finance and macroeconomics: The role of household leverageMian, Atif R. / Sufi, Amir
2011 The impact of employee pension promises on state and local public financeRauh, Joshua
2011 Urban growth and climate changeKahn, Matthew E.
2011 Oil price shocksHamilton, James D.
2011 Economic shocks, weather, and civil warMiguel, Edward
2011 Reducing the risks of catastrophesKunreuther, Howard
2011 Is environmental quality worth the cost?Smith, V. Kerry
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