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DateTitle Authors
2014 Labor market adjustment to international tradeAutor, David / Hanson, Gordon
2014 The financialization of commodity marketsXiong, Wei
2014 Taxes and international mobility of talentSaez, Emmanuel
2014 Economic consequences of gender identityBertrand, Marianne
2014 The economics in agingWise, David
2014 The NBER monetary economics programRomer, Christina D. / Romer, David H.
2014 Pricing energy efficientlyDavis, Lucas
2014 Bank leverage and credit supplyShin, Hyun-song
2014 School assignment and school effectivenessPathak, Parag
2014 Exploring asset pricing anomaliesZhang, Lu
2013 NBER Reporter, Volume 2013
2013 High-skilled immigration, domestic innovation, and global exchangesKerr, William
2013 Public sector retirement plansClark, Robert
2013 Economic possibilities for our childrenSummers, Lawrence H.
2013 The Chinese economic experience, 1978 to todayQian, Nancy
2013 The economics of obesityCawley, John
2013 What determines international wages and prices?Crucini, Mario
2013 Life and growthJones, Charles I.
2013 Inflation-indexed bondsViceira, Luis M.
2013 Subsidies for health productsDupas, Pascaline
2013 The economics of variations in health and health careSkinner, Jonathan
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