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DateTitle Authors
2014 Biomass productivity-based mapping of global land degradation hotspotsBao Le, Quang / Nkonya, Ephraim / Mirzabaev, Alisher
2014 Back to the futures: An assessment of commodity market efficiency and forecast error driversAlgieri, Bernardina / Kalkuhl, Matthias
2014 The impact of shocks on gender-differentiated asset dynamics in BangladeshRakib, Muntaha / Matz, Julia Anna
2014 A policy response to a downside of the integration of economies: An impossibility theoremStark, Oded
2014 Socially gainful gender quotasStark, Oded / Hyll, Walter
2014 How strong do global commodity prices influence domestic food prices in developing countries? A global price transmission and vulnerability mapping analysisKalkuhl, Matthias
2014 Smallholder participation in the commercialisation of vegetables: Evidence from Kenyan panel dataMuriithi, Beatrice W. / Matz, Julia Anna
2014 Reconciling the Rawlsian and the utilitarian approaches to the maximization of social welfareStark, Oded / Jakubek, Marcin / Falniowski, Fryderyk
2014 Welfare effects of vegetable commercializatino: Evidence from smallhoder producers in KenyaMuriithi, Beatrice W. / Matz, Julia Anna
2014 On the economics of othersStark, Oded
2014 Transgenic crops, production risk, and agrobiodiversityKrishna Vijesh / Qaim, Matin / Zilberman, David
2014 The influence of biofuels, economic and financial factors on daily returns of commodity futures pricesAlgieri, Bernardina
2013 Economics of land degradation Initiative: Methods and approach for global and national assessmentsNkonya, Ephraim / von Braun, Joachim / Mirzabaev, Alisher / Bao Le, Quang / Young Kwon, Ho / Kirui, Oliver
2013 Ethnicity, Marriage and Family IncomeMatz, Julia Anna
2013 A roller coaster ride: An empirical investigation of the main drivers of wheat priceAlgieri, Bernardina
2013 Stressful integrationStark, Oded
2013 Short-term global crop acreage response to international food prices and implications of volatilityHaile, Mekbib G. / Kalkuhl, Matthias / von Braun, Joachim
2013 Migration and dynamics: How a leakage of human capital lubricates the engine of economic growthSorger, Gerhard / Stark, Oded / Wang, Yong
2013 Integration as a catalyst for assimilationStark, Oded / Jakubek, Marcin
2013 International migration, human capital formation, and savingStark, Oded / Agnieszka Dorn
2013 How market-based water allocation can improve water use efficiency in the Aral Sea basin?Bekchanov, Maksud / Bhaduri, Anik / Ringler, Claudia
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