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DateTitle Authors
2011 Real estate investors, the leverage cycle, and the housing market crisisHaughwout, Andrew / Lee, Donghoon / Tracy, Joseph / van der Klaauw, Wilbert
2011 The dynamics and differentiation of Latin American metal exportsMandel, Benjamin
2011 Robust capital regulationAcharya, Viral / Mehran, Hamid / Schuermann, Til / Thakor, Anjan
2011 Inflation expectations and behavior: Do survey respondents act on their beliefs?Armantier, Olivier / Bruine de Bruin, Wändi / Topa, Giorgio / van der Klaauw, Wilbert / Zafar, Basit
2011 The international role of the dollar: Does it matter if this changes?Goldberg, Linda
2011 Efficient, regression-based estimation of dynamic asset pricing modelsAdrian, Tobias / Crump, Richard K. / Moench, Emanuel
2011 The production impact of cash-for-clunkers: Implications for stabilization policyCopeland, Adam / Kahn, James
2011 Sustainable social security: Four optionsKitao, Sagiri
2011 The great escape? A quantitative evaluation of the fed's liquidity facilitiesDel Negro, Marco / Eggertsson, Gauti / Ferrero, Andrea / Kiyotaki, Nobuhiro
2011 Evaluating interest rate rules in an estimated DSGE modelCúrdia, Vasco / Ferrero, Andrea / Cee Ng, Ging / Tambalotti, Andrea
2011 Housing busts and household mobility: An updateFerreira, Fernando / Gyourko, Joseph / Tracy, Joseph
2011 Stereotypes and madrassas: Experimental evidence from PakistanDelavande, Adeline / Zafar, Basit
2011 A model of liquidity hoarding and term premia in inter-banks marketsAcharya, Viral V. / Skeie, David
2011 Financial intermediary balance sheet managementAdrian, Tobias / Shin, Hyun Song
2011 What do drug monopolies cost consumers in developing countries?Hellerstein, Rebecca
2011 Belief updating among college students: Evidence from experimental variation in informationWiswall, Matthew / Zafar, Basit
2011 Liquidity management of US global banks: Internal capital markets in the great recessionCetorelli, Nicola / Goldberg, Linda
2011 Which financial frictions? Parsing the evidence from the financial crisis of 2007-09Adrian, Tobias / Colla, Paolo / Shin, Hyun Song
2011 Repo and securities lendingAdrian, Tobias / Begalle, Brian / Copeland, Adam / Martin, Antoine
2011 Decomposing short-term return reversalDa, Zhi / Liu, Qianqiu / Schaumburg, Ernst
2011 Expectations versus fundamentals: Does the cause of banking panics matter for prudential policy?Keister, Todd / Narasiman, Vijay
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