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DateTitle Authors
2001 The overnight interbank market: Evidence from the G-7 and the euro zonePrati, Alessandro / Bartolini, Leonardo / Bertola, Giuseppe
2001 Currency orders and exchange-rate dynamics: Explaining the success of technical analysisOsler, C. L.
2001 Home bias in trade: Location or foreign-ness?Evans, Carolyn L.
2001 Productivity: What is it, and why do we care about it?Steindel, Charles / Stiroh, Kevin J.
2001 Measuring treasury market liquidityFleming, Michael J.
2001 Markov switching in disaggregate unemployment ratesChauvet, Marcelle / Juhn, Chinhui / Potter, Simon
2001 When is US bank lending to emerging markets volatile?Goldberg, Linda S.
2001 Does foreign ownership contribute to sounder banks in emerging markets? The Latin American experienceCrystal, Jennifer S. / Dages, B.Gerard / Goldberg, Linda S.
2001 What's driving the new economy: The benefits of workplace innovationBlack, Sandra E. / Lynch, Lisa M.
2001 How do stock repurchases affect bank holding company performance?Hirtle, Beverly
2001 Are bank shareholders enemies of regulators or a potential source of market discipline?Park, Sangkyun / Peristiani, Stavros
2001 New evidence on the lending channelAshcraft, Adam B.
2001 Forecasting recessions using the yield curveChauvet, Marcelle / Potter, Simon
2001 Border effects and the availability of domestic products abroadEvans, Carolyn L.
2001 Specialization and the volume of trade: Do the data obey the laws?Harrigan, James
2001 International dimensions of optimal monetary policyCorsetti, Giancarlo / Pesenti, Paolo
2001 Financial market implications of the Federal debt paydownFleming, Michael J.
2002 Uncertainty, exchange rate regimes, and national price levelsBroda, Christian
2002 Are larger treasury issues more liquid? Evidence from bill reopeningsFleming, Michael J.
2002 The trade comovement problem in international macroeconomicsKose, M. Ayhan / Yi, Kei-Mu
2002 On both sides of the quality bias in price indexesHobijn, Bart
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