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DateTitle Authors
2012 Intermediary leverage cycles and financial stabilityAdrian, Tobias / Boyarchenko, Nina
2012 Mismatch unemploymentSahin, Aysegul / Song, Joseph / Topa, Giorgio / Violante, Giowanni L.
2012 Do informal referrals leads to better matches? Evidence from a firm's employee referral systemBrown, Meta / Setren, Elizabeth / Topa, Giorgio
2012 Housing markets and residential segregation: Impacts of the Michigan school finance reform on inter- and intra-district sortingChakrabarti, Rajashri / Roy, Joydeep
2012 A new look at second liensLee, Donghoon / Mayer, Christopher / Tracy, Joseph
2012 Payment changes and default risk: The impact of refinancing on expected credit lossesTracy, Joseph / Wright, Joshua
2012 The hitchhiker's guide to missing import price changes and pass-throughGagnon, Etienne / Mandel, Benjamin R. / Vigfusson, Robert J.
2012 Crime, house prices, and inequality: The effect of UPPs in RioFrischtak, Claudio / Mandel, Benjamin R.
2012 Estimating a structural model of herd behavior in financial marketsCipriani, Marco / Guarino, Antonio
2012 The price is right: Updating of inflation expectations in a randomized price information experimentArmantier, Olivier / Nelson, Scott / Topa, Giorgio / van der Klaauw, Wilbert / Zafar, Basit
2012 An analysis of OTC interest rate derivatives transactions: Implications for public reportingFleming, Michael / Jackson, John / Li, Ada / Sarkar, Asani / Zobel, Patricia
2012 The supply side of the housing boom and bust of the 2000sHaughwout, Andrew / Peach, Richard W. / Sporn, John / Tracy, Joseph
2012 Precarious slopes? the great recession, federal stimulus, and New Jersey SchoolsChakrabarti, Rajashri / Sutherland, Sarah
2012 The minimum balance at risk: A proposal to mitigate the systemic risks posed by money market fundsMcCabe, Patrick E. / Cipriani, Marco / Holscher, Michael / Martin, Antoine
2012 Deficits, public debt dynamics, and tax and spending multipliersDenes, Matthew / Eggertsson, Gauti B. / Gilbukh, Sophia
2012 How unconventional are large-scale asset purchases? The impact of monetary policy on asset pricesRosa, Carlo
2012 Federal reserve liquidity provision during the financial crisis of 2007-2009Fleming, Michael J.
2012 Workforce skills across the urban-rural hierarchyAbel, Jaison R. / Gabe, Todd M. / Stolarick, Kevin
2012 Follow the money: Quantifying domestic effects of foreign bank shocks in the great recessionCetorelli, Nicola / Goldberg, Linda S.
2012 DSGE model-based forecastingdel Negro, Marco / Schorfheide, Frank
2012 Shadow banking regulationAdrian, Tobias / Ashcraft, Adam B.
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