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DateTitle Authors
2013 Time-varying structural vector autoregressions and monetary policy: A corrigendumDel Negro, Marco / Primiceri, Giorgio
2013 Banks in international trade finance: Evidence from the USNiepmann, Friederike / Schmidt-Eisenlohr, Tim
2013 Securitization and the fixed-rate mortgageFuster, Andreas / Vickery, James
2013 Arbitrage-free models of stocks and bondsDurham, J. Benson
2013 Estimating the impacts of US LSAP's on emerging market economies' local currency bond marketsMoore, Jeffrey / Nam, Sunwoo / Suh, Myeongguk / Tepper, Alexander
2013 Identifying term interbank loans from fedwire payments dataKuo, Dennis / Skeie, David / Vickery, James / Youle, Thomas
2013 Geographical reallocation and unemployment during the Great Recession: The role of the housing bustKarahan, Fatih / Rhee, Serena
2013 The high-frequency response of energy prices to monetary policy: Understanding the empirical evidenceRosa, Carlo
2013 Did cuts in state aid during the great recession lead to changes in local property taxes?Chakrabarti, Rajashri / Livingston, Max / Roy, Joydeep
2013 Coordinating monetary and macroprudential policiesDe Paoli, Bianca / Paustian, Matthias
2013 A boost in the paycheck: Survey evidence on workers' response to the 2011 payroll tax cutsGraziani, Grant / van der Klaauw, Wilbert / Zafar, Basit
2013 Liquidity policies and systemic riskAdrian, Tobias / Boyarchenko, Nina
2013 Preferences and biases in educational choices and labor market expectations: Shrinking the black box of genderReuben, Ernesto / Wiswall, Matthew / Zafar, Basit
2013 Leverage asset pricingAdrian, Tobias / Moench, Emanuel / Shin, Hyun Song
2013 Rollover risk as market discipline: A two-sided inefficiencyEisenbach, Thomas M.
2013 How much do bank shocks affect investment? Evidence from matched bank-firm loan dataAmiti, Mary / Weinstein, David E.
2013 Noisy information and fundamental disagreementAndrade, Philippe / Crump, Richard K. / Eusepi, Stefano / Moench, Emanuel
2013 Did liquidity providers become liquidity seekers?Choi, Jaewon / Shachar, Or
2013 The long road to recovery: New York schools in the aftermath of the great recessionChakrabarti, Rajashri / Livingston, Max
2013 The inflation-output trade-off revisitedEggertsson, Gauti B. / Giannoni, Marc P.
2013 Merit aid, student mobility, and the role of college selectivityChakrabarti, Rajashri / Roy, Joydeep
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