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DateTitle Authors
2015 Regional heterogeneity and monetary policyBeraja, Martin / Fuster, Andreas / Hurst, Erik / Vavra, Joseph
2015 Discussion of "Systemic Risk and the Solvency-Liquidity Nexus of Banks"Adrian, Tobias
2015 Asset price effects of peer benchmarking: Evidence from a natural experimentAcharya, Sushant / Pedraza, Alvaro
2015 The rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie MacFrame, W. Scott / Fuster, Andreas / Tracy, Joseph / Vickery, James
2015 Determinants of mortgage default and consumer credit use: The effects of foreclosure laws and foreclosure delaysChan, Sewin / Haughwout, Sewin / Hayashi, Andrew / van der Klaauw, Wilbert
2015 Credit supply and the rise in college tuition: Evidence from the expansion in federal student aid programsLucca, David O. / Nadauld, Taylor / Shen, Karen
2015 Betting against beta (and gamma) using government bondsDurham, J. Benson
2015 Anxiety, overconfidence, and excessive risk takingEisenbach, Thomas M. / Schmalz, Martin C.
2015 Overnight RRP operations as a monetary policy tool: Some design considerationsFrost, Joshua / Logan, Lorie / Martin, Antoine / McCabe, Patrick / Natalucci, Fabio / Remache, Julie
2015 Intermediaries as information aggregators: An application to US treasury auctionsBoyarchenko, Nina / Lucca, David O. / Veldkamp, Laura
2015 What do data on millions of US workers reveal about life-cycle earnings risk?Guvenen, Fatih / Karahan, Fatih / Ozkan, Serdar / Song, Jae
2015 Nonlinear pricing with competition: The market for settling paymentsCopeland, Adam / Garratt, Rod
2015 The equity risk premium: A review of modelsDuarte, Fernando / Rosa, Carlo
2015 Supervising large, complex financial companies: What do supervisors do?Eisenbach, Thomas / Haughwout, Andrew / Hirtle, Beverly J. / Kovner, Anna / Lucca, David O. / Plosser, Matthew
2015 Business cycle fluctuations and the distribution of consumptionDe Giorgi, Giacomo / Gambetti, Luca
2015 Gender and dynamic agency: Theory and evidence on the compensation of top executivesAlbanesi, Stefania / Olivetti, Claudia / Prados, María José
2015 Subjective intertemporal substitutionCrump, Richard K. / Eusepi, Stefano / Tambalotti, Andrea / Topa, Giorgio
2015 The gender gap in mathematics: Evidence from a middle-income countryBharadwaj, Prashant / De Giorgi, Giacomo / Hansen, David / Neilson, Christopher
2015 Does central clearing reduce counterparty risk in realistic financial networks?Garratt, Rodney / Zimmerman, Peter
2015 Watering a lemon tree: Heterogeneous risk taking and monetary policy transmissionChoi, Dong Beom / Eisenbach, Thomas M. / Yorulmazer, Tanju
2015 Credit supply and the housing boomJustiniano, Alejandro / Primiceri, Giorgio E. / Tambalotti, Andrea
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