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23rd European Regional ITS Conference, Vienna 2012

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This collection contains papers of the

2012 European Regional ITS Conference
Vienna 1-4 July, 2012

The 23rd European Regional ITS Conference addresses a wide range of subjects related to fixed and mobile telecommunication markets, Internet economics, market regulation and country specific telecommunication developments.

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DateTitle Authors
2012 The role of public policies in the universalization of the broadband in SpainFrías, Zoraida / Vergara, Arturo / Pérez, Jorge
2012 Virtual unbundling: Gift of nemesis to competition?Weber, Jan
2012 Regulation and digital innovation: Theory and evidenceBauer, Johannes M. / Shim, Woohyun
2012 Mobile only users powered by fixed-mobile substitutionLiangy, Julienne / Petulowa, Marc
2012 Broadband internet access availability in Russia: Regional aspectsPetukhova, Svetlana / Strepetova, Margarita
2012 Factors of FTTH deployment in Japan: A panel data analysisAkematsu, Yuji / Shinohara, Sobee / Tsuji, Masatsugu
2012 Virtual unbundling: The basis for competition in next generation access networks?Reichl, Wolfgang / Ruhle, Ernst-Wolfgang / Lundborg, Martin / Ehrler, Matthias
2012 Transition from IPv4 to IPv6Tadayoni, Reza / Henten, Anders
2012 A new regional classification for mobile telecommunications diffusion policy in China: Using the innovation and imitation coefficientsLima, Jinyang / Nama, Changi / Kimb, Seongcheol
2012 Risks for young users on social network sites and the legal framework: Match or mismach?Lievens, Eva
2012 Political engagement and government informing seeking: Increasing role of social media and mobile devicesvan Jaarsveldt, Leon
2012 The effect of on-net / off-net differentiation and heterogeneuous consumers on network size in mobile telecommunications : an agent-based aporoachMuck, Johannes
2012 StuxNet, AnonAustria, DigiNotar & Co: What they teach us about operating IT systems in a secure wayProschinger, Christian
2012 Asymmetry of mobile termination rates and the waterbed effectLee, Jongyong / Lee, Duk Hee
2012 Emerging location based services and its privacy controlNagata, Junji / Kunishi, Teruo / Idota, Hiroki / Shinohara, Takeshi
2012 Privacy driven internet ecosystemTrinh, Tuan Anh / Gyarmati, Laszlo
2012 Fixed and mobile broadband: Demand and market structureMcDonough, Carol C.
2012 Meeting the growth challenge in the open mobile eraWilson, Scott / Tanguturi, Praveen
2012 Impacts of mobile termination rates (MTRs) on retail prices: The implication for regulatorsKongaut, Chatchai / Bohlin, Erik
2012 Co-opetition in next-generation access provisioning: An analysis of the German broadband marketLimbach, Felix / Zarnekow, Ruediger / Düser, Michael
2012 Optimal risk allocation in rural next generation infrastructure projects and the role of adequate network modeling: Next generation access, broadband infrastructure projects, business case modelWirsing, Stephan
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