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23rd European Regional ITS Conference, Vienna 2012

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This collection contains papers of the

2012 European Regional ITS Conference
Vienna 1-4 July, 2012

The 23rd European Regional ITS Conference addresses a wide range of subjects related to fixed and mobile telecommunication markets, Internet economics, market regulation and country specific telecommunication developments.

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DateTitle Authors
2012 Ex-ante margin squeeze tests in the telecommunications industry: What is a reasonably efficient operator? (Revised: September 6, 2012)Gaudin, Germain / Saavedra Valenzuela, Claudia
2012 Satisfaction and protection of individual mobile telecommunications consumers: Need for regulation?Gijón Tascón, Covadonga / Garín Muñoz, Teresa / Pérez Amaral, Teodosio
2012 How can mobile music streaming service take of in India, China und Indonesia? Analysis of drivers and obstaclesSelvakumar, Ekambar / Huang, Jin / Aidi, Laili / Markendahl, Jan I. / Tollmar, Konrad / Blennerud, Greger
2012 Network neutrality and consumer discrimination: Comparing ISP's GTCs and DPI applicationGrove, Nico / Agic, Damir / Sedlmeir, Joachim
2012 GA-based dynamic base station operation to improve energy efficiencyPark, Soyoung / Park, Seokji
2012 Net neutrality under usage-based pricing: A game-theoretic analysis with user loyaltyTrinh, Tuan Anh / Abos, Imre / Sallai, Gyula
2012 Where should governments invest? The impact of economic, political, social and technological factors on the formation of new firmsGarcia-Murillo, Martha / Velez-Ospina, Jorge Andres / Vargas-Leon, Patricia
2012 Polynomics telecommunication regulation index 2012Zenhaeuserna, Patrick / Schneiderb, Yves
2012 Issues affecting the evalution of the beneficial effect of new technologies and ways to solve these issuesButenko, V. / Nazarenko, A. / Sarian, V. / Suschenko, N.
2012 Strategic and economic aspects of network sharing in FTTH/PON architecturesRendon Schneir, Juan / Xiong, Yupeng
2012 Creative and adaptive responses in technological changeCecere, Grazia
2012 Assessing a relative technological competitiveness using patent and paper information at the country level: Model and application in mobile communicationsCho, Ilgu
2012 An event study of the first telecommunications spectrum auction in Korea and "the winner's curse"Lee, Hyeongjik / Seol, Seong-ho / Kweon, Soo Cheon
2012 Should next generation access networks fall within the scope of universal service? A EU 27 perspectiveNucciarelli, Alberto / Sadowski, Bert M. / Ruhle, Ernst-Olav
2012 Understanding the dynamics of broadband markets: A comparative case study of Flanders and the NetherlandsVan der Wee, Marlies / Verbrugge, Sofie / Lemstra, Wolter
2012 How large is the magnitude of fixed-mobile call substitution? Empirical evidence from 16 Europen countriesBarth, Anne-Kathrin / Heimeshoff, Ulrich
2012 Resilience analysis of the ICT ecosystemKoslowski, Thomas G. / Longstaff, Patricia H. / Vidal, Miguel / Grob, Thomas
2012 Co-investments and tacit collusion in regulated network industries: Experimental evidenceKrämer, Jan / Vogelsang, Ingo
2012 Regulatory networks: the role of BEREC in regulation of the common market for electronic communicationsBatura, Olga
2012 Causal interrelations among market fundamentals: Evidence from the Europen telecommunications sectorAgiakloglou, Christos / Gkouvakis, Michalis
2012 Future scenarios of commercial internet content deliveryZhang, Nan / Hämmäinen, Heikki / Levä, Tapio
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