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23rd European Regional ITS Conference, Vienna 2012

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This collection contains papers of the

2012 European Regional ITS Conference
Vienna 1-4 July, 2012

The 23rd European Regional ITS Conference addresses a wide range of subjects related to fixed and mobile telecommunication markets, Internet economics, market regulation and country specific telecommunication developments.

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DateTitle Authors
2012 Broadband prices in the European Union: Competition and commercial strategiesCalzada, Joan / Martínez, Fernando
2012 Design of telecommunications regulatory authorities in fragile states: The case of PalestineDhaher, Omar
2012 Which economic model for mobile payments?Chaix, Laetitia / Torre, Dominique
2012 Spectrum pricing assesment in the 2.6 GHZ frequency band for long term leaseFrias, Zoraida / Moral, Antolín / Vidal, Josep / Pérez, Jorge
2012 A developmental framework for ICT and labour productivity in the developing country: A case study of ThailandKeesookpuna, Chutipong / Mitomob, Hitoshi
2012 The impact of telecommunication technologies on competition in services and goods markets: Empirical evidenceJerbashian, Vahagn / Kochanovay, Anna
2012 Irrationality rings!: Experimental evidence on mobile tariff choicesBarth, Anne-Kathrin / Graf, Julia
2012 Incentive to invest in improving the quality in telecommunication industryJeanjean, François
2012 Does time spent playing video games crowd out time spent studying?Ward, Michael R.
2012 Different regulation paths towards cognitive radio technologies: Cases of Finland and ChileBasaure, Arturo / Casey, Thomas R. / Hämmäinen, Heikki
2012 Clustering, connectivity and hierarchies in the internet global supply chain networksD'Ignazio, Alessio / Giovannetti, Emanuele
2012 Collaborative product development: The case of network operatorsHäberle, Robin / Grove, Nico
2012 Regulation of international roaming data services within the EUFalch, Morten
2012 Open innovation strategy of Japanese SMEs: From viewpoint of ICT use and innovative technologyIdota, Hiroki / Bunno, Teruyuki / Tsuji, Masatsugu
2012 Ex-ante margin squeeze tests in the telecommunications industry: What is a reasonably efficient operator?Gaudin, Germain / Saavedra Valenzuela, Claudia
2012 Is the Google platform a two-sided market?Luchetta, Giacomo
2012 The role of public policies in the universalization of the broadband in SpainFrías, Zoraida / Vergara, Arturo / Pérez, Jorge
2012 Virtual unbundling: Gift of nemesis to competition?Weber, Jan
2012 Regulation and digital innovation: Theory and evidenceBauer, Johannes M. / Shim, Woohyun
2012 Mobile only users powered by fixed-mobile substitutionLiangy, Julienne / Petulowa, Marc
2012 Broadband internet access availability in Russia: Regional aspectsPetukhova, Svetlana / Strepetova, Margarita
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