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DateTitle Authors
2014 Approaches to well-being, use of psychology and paternalism in economicsCollewet, Marion
2014 Environmental regulation of a global pollution externality in a bilateral trade framework: The case of global warming, China and the USGwatipedza, Johnson / Barbier, Edward
2014 The marginal damage costs of different greenhouse gases: An application of FUNDWaldhoff, Stephanie / Anthoff, David / Rose, Steven K. / Tol, Richard S. J.
2014 Regulating gasoline retail markets: The case of GermanyWittmann, Nadine
2014 Creative accounting practices and measurement methods: Evidence from TurkeyOzkaya, Ata
2014 How might a central bank report uncertainty?Fair, Ray C.
2014 The simple analytics of helicopter money: Why it works - alwaysBuiter, Willem H.
2014 The causal linkages between sovereign CDS prices for the BRICS and major European economiesStolbov, Mikhail
2014 The possible trinity: Optimal interest rate, exchange rate, and taxes on capital flows in a DSGE model for a small open economyEscudé, Guillermo J.
2014 Scitovsky, behavioural economics, and beyondPugno, Maurizio
2014 Testing for near I(2) trends when the signal-to-noise ratio is smallJuselius, Katarina
2014 Financial stress, regime switching and macrodynamics: Theory and empirics for the US, the EU and non-EU countriesSemmler, Willi / Chen, Pu
2014 Social influences towards conformism in economic experimentsHargreaves Heap, Shaun P.
2014 Horizontal mergers and uncertaintyLe Pape, Nicolas / Zhao, Kai
2014 Aggregate effects of behavioral anomalies: A new research areaFrey, Bruno S. / Gallus, Jana
2014 Timing of adoption of clean technologies, transboundary pollution and international tradeBen Jebli, Mehdi / Ben Youssef, Slim
2014 Social networks and macroeconomic stabilityChen, Shu-Heng / Chang, Chia-Ling / Wen, Ming-Chang
2014 Knowing where organic markets move next: An analysis of developing countries in the pineapple marketKleemann, Linda
2014 Tax competition and the determination of the quality of public goodsAbdessalam, A. H.
2014 An inconsistency in using stock flow consistency in modelling the monetary profit paradoxde la Fonteijne, Marcel R.
2014 Welfare against growth gains in post-transition countries: What are the consequences for stability?Lissowska, Maria
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