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DateTitle Authors
2016 Agent-based modeling for decision making in economics under uncertaintyVermeulen, Ben / Pyka, Andreas
2016 Do transfer costs matter for foreign remittances?Ahmed, Junaid / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2016 Issues in the estimation of dynamic happiness models: A comment on "does childhood predict adult life satisfaction?"Piper, Alan T. / Pugh, Geoffrey T.
2016 Uncertainty: A diagrammatic treatmentDow, Sheila
2016 Government deficits in large open economies: The problem of too little public debtBuiter, Willem H. / Sibert, Anne C.
2016 Decision-making under radical uncertainty: An interpretation of Keynes' treatiseMarsay, David
2015 On the efficiency of labor market reforms: How to solve the Spanish puzzle?Sacht, Stephen
2015 FTA effects on agricultural trade with matching approachesLee, GaSeul / Lim, Song Soo
2015 The economics of eadical uncertaintyOrmerod, Paul
2015 What determines whether preferential liberalization of barriers against foreign investors in services are beneficial or immizerising: Application to the case of KenyaBalistreri, Edward J. / Jensen, Jesper / Tarr, David
2015 The growth effects of R&D spending in the EU: A meta-analysisKokko, Ari / Tingvall, Patrik Gustavsson / Videnord, Josefin
2015 Determinants of immigrant apprehensions: The case of U.S. immigrationBuzurukov, Bilol / Lee, Byeong-Wan
2015 Imported inputs and Egyptian exports: Exploring the linksParra, María Dolores / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2015 Regional estimates of multidimensional poverty in IndiaDehury, Bidyadhar / Mohanty, Sanjay K.
2015 On the size of sheepskin effects: A meta-analysisMora Rodríguez, Jhon James / Muro, Juan
2015 Choice of foreign R&D entry mode and its relation to firm performance: A firm-level analysis for Switzerland and AustriaHollenstein, Heinz / Berger, Martin
2015 Effects of the US stock market return and volatility on the VKOSPIHan, Heejoon / Kutan, Ali M. / Ryu, Doojin
2015 Export behaviour of micro firms in the Swedish computer and business service industriesFalk, Martin / Hagsten, Eva
2015 A reconsideration of multiple equilibria in the analysis of one-period government bonds with default riskGuo, Yanling
2015 Bayesian averaging vs. dynamic factor models for forecasting economic aggregates with tendency survey dataBialowolski, Piotr / Kuszewski, Tomasz / Witkowski, Bartosz
2015 Pricing as a risky choice: Uncertainty and survival in a monopoly marketAndersen, Per / Vetter, Henrik
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