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DateTitle Authors
2012 Register, issue, cap and trade: A proposal for ending current and future financial crisesMilne, Alistair
2012 Organizational form as a source of systemic riskBholat, David / Gray, Joann
2012 The rate of change of the social cost of carbon and the social planner's hotelling ruleKögel, Tomas
2012 Structural heterogeneity and partial budgetary cooperation in a monetary unionMenguy, Séverine
2012 Asymmetric exchange rate pass-through in the Euro area: New evidence from smooth transition modelsBen Cheikh, Nidhaleddine
2012 Experimental test of utility maximizationHe, Yuqing
2012 Fixed-income portfolio management in crisis period: Expected tail loss (ETL) approachMili, Mehdi
2012 Disaggregate energy consumption and industrial output in Pakistan: An empirical analysisQazi, Ahmer Qasim / Ahmed, Khalid / Mudassar, Muhammad
2012 Circuit theory extended: The role of speculation in crisesLancastle, Neil
2012 Italy's ACE tax and its effect on a firm's leveragePanteghini, Paolo / Parisi, Maria Laura / Pighetti, Francesca
2012 Boats and tides and "Trickle Down" theories: What economists presume about wellbeing when they employ stochastic process theory in modeling behaviorAnderson, Gordon
2012 On the power and weakness of rational expectations: Logical fallacies, periodic bubbles and business cyclesGracia, Eduard
2012 Openness to international trade and economic growth: A cross-country empirical investigationUlaşan, Bülent
2012 Consistent estimation of pseudo panels in the presence of selection biasMora Rodriguez, Jhon James / Muro, Juan
2012 Fund managers - Why the best might be the worst: On the evolutionary vigor of risk-seeking behaviorWitte, Björn-Christopher
2012 Are current account deficits sustainable? New evidence from Iran using bounds test approach to level relationshipHeidari, Hassan / Katircioglu, Salih Turan / Davoudi, Narmin
2012 Multi-destination trips: A survey on incoming zourism in SicilyParroco, Anna Maria / Vaccina, Franco / De Cantis, Stefano / Ferrante, Mauro
2012 A generalized unification theorem for choice theoretic foundations: Avoiding the necessity of pairs and tripletsHe, Junnan
2012 Equity market liberalization, credit constraints and income inequalitySun, Puyang / Sen, Somnath / Jin, Shujing
2012 Cartel in the Indian cement industry: An attempt to identify itBejger, Sylwester
2012 Cobweb theorems with production lags and price forecastingDufresne, Daniel / Vázquez-Abad, Felisa
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