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DateTitle Authors
2012 Cobweb theorems with production lags and price forecastingDufresne, Daniel / Vázquez-Abad, Felisa
2012 Estimating risk attitudes in conventional and artefactual lab experiments: The importance of the underlying assumptionsDrichoutis, Andreas C. / Koundouri, Phoebe
2012 Lobbying: Buying and utilizing accessMayer, Wolfgang / Mujumdar, Sudesh
2012 Private and public incentive to reduce seasonality: A theoretical modelCellini, Roberto / Rizzo, Giuseppe
2012 Clashes and compromises: Investment policies in tourism destinationsCandela, Guido / Castellani, Massimiliano / Mussoni, Maurizio
2012 A parsimonious model for intraday European option pricingScalas, Enrico / Politi, Mauro
2012 Evolution of competition in Vietnam industries over the recent economic transitionDoan, Tinh
2012 A case where Barro expectations are not rationalSchlicht, Ekkehart
2012 A comparative view on the tax performance of developing countries: Regional patterns, non-tax revenue and governanceIvanyna, Maksym / von Haldenwang, Christian
2012 Wage subsidies and international trade: When does policy coordination pay?Braun, Sebastian / Spielmann, Christian
2012 Through which channels can remittances spur economic growth in MENA countries?Mim, Sami Ben / Ali, Mohamed Sami Ben
2012 Cruise tourism externalities and residents' support: A generalized ordered logit analysisBrida, Juan Gabriel / Del Chiappa, Giacomo / Meleddu, Marta / Pulina, Manuela
2012 The wage premium of globalization: Evidence from European mergers and acquisitionsOberhofer, Harald / Stöckl, Matthias / Winner, Hannes
2012 The effect of tourism on crime in Italy: A dynamic panel approachBiagi, Bianca / Brandano, Maria Giovanna / Detotto, Claudio
2012 Country inequality rankings and conversion schemesSchröder, Carsten / Bönke, Timm
2012 A case study on trade liberalization: Argentina in the 1990sBeker, Victor A.
2012 FDI, skill-specific unemployment, and institutional spillover effectsSchmerer, Hans-Jörg
2012 A note on the estimation of long-run relationships in panel equations with cross-section linkagesDi Iorio, Francesca / Fachin, Stefano
2011 Stock prices and monetary policy: Re-examining the issue in a New Keynesian model with endogenous investmentGrossi, Michele / Tamborini, Roberto
2011 Does corruption facilitate trade for the new EU members?Horsewood, Nicholas / Voicu, Anca Monika
2011 Psychophysical interpretation for utility measuresHe, Yuqing
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