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DateTitle Authors
2011 Psychophysical interpretation for utility measuresHe, Yuqing
2011 Factors affecting the efficiency of the BRICSs' national innovation systems: A comparative study based on DEA and Panel Data AnalysisCai, Yuezhou
2011 International transmission of shocks, money illusion and the velocity of moneySousa, Teresa
2011 A counterfactual decomposition analysis of immigrants-natives earnings in MalaysiaAnees, Muhammad / Sajjad, Muhammad / Ahmed, Ishfaq
2011 International trade and polarization in the labor marketDas, Satya P.
2011 Migration, trade and unemploymentHeid, Benedikt / Larch, Mario
2011 Measuring group disadvantage with inter-distributional inequality indices: A critical review and some amendments to existing indicesYalonetzky, Gaston
2011 Existence of exact Walrasian equilibria in non convex economiesD'Agata, Antonio
2011 The time evolution of the social cost of carbon: An application of fundAnthoff, David / Rose, Steven / Tol, Richard S. J. / Waldhoff, Stephanie
2011 The marginal damage costs of different greenhouse gases: An application of FUNDWaldhoff, Stephanie / Anthoff, David / Rose, Steven / Tol, Richard S. J.
2011 Small trade flows, compliance costs and trade preferences: The case of EU imports from African LDCsNilsson, Lars / Dotter, Caroline
2011 The focus axiom and poverty: On the co-existence of precise language and ambiguous meaning in economic measurementSubramanian, Subbu
2011 Trade policy versus trade facilitation: An application using Good Old OLSMárquez-Ramos, Laura / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada / Suárez-Burguet, Celestino
2011 The social cost of CO2 from the PAGE09 modelHope, Chris W.
2011 Climate risks and carbon prices: Revising the social cost of carbonAckerman, Frank / Stanton, Elizabeth A.
2011 Cross-country growth empirics and model uncertainty: An overviewUlaşan, Bülent
2011 The social cost of carbon on an optimal balanced growth pathKögel, Tomas
2011 A tale of tails: Uncertainty and the social cost of carbon dioxidePycroft, Jonathan / Vergano, Lucia / Hope, Chris / Paci, Daniele / Ciscar, Juan Carlos
2011 Assessing absolute and relative pro-poor growth, with an application to selected African countriesBibi, Sami / Duclos, Jean-Yves / Verdier-Chouchane, Audrey
2011 Deep trade policy options for Armenia: The importance of trade facilitation, services and standards liberalizationJensen, Jesper / Tarr, David G.
2011 Family reunification or point-based immigration system? The case of the United States and MexicoLópez Real, Joel
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