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DateTitle Authors
2007 Welfare effects of intellectual property in North-South model of endogenous growth with comparative advantageSaint-Paul, Gilles
2007 Pricing Damaged GoodsMcAfee, R. Preston
2007 Transaction Cost Economics: An IntroductionWilliamson, Oliver E.
2007 The complexity of economic policy: restricted local optima in tax policy designSaint-Paul, Gilles
2007 Variable Retirement and the Effects of Social Insurance on Savings, Wealth, and WelfareTurnovsky, Stephen J. / Bruce, Neil
2007 Taking a DSGE Model to the Data MeaningfullyFranchi, Massimo / Jusélius, Katarina
2007 Long Run Macroeconomic Relations in the Global EconomyPesaran, Mohammad Hashem / Holly, Sean / Dees, Stephane / Smith, L. Vanessa
2007 SeigniorageBuiter, Willem H.
2007 Shadow economies and corruption all over the world: what do we really know?Schneider, Friedrich G.
2007 Hidden Economies and the Socially Optimal Fiscal-Tax to Liquidity-Tax RatioErcolani, Marco G.
2007 Debt and Interest Rates: The U.S. and the Euro AreaFrankel, Jeffrey / Chinn, Menzie D.
2007 A Simple Coase-Like Mechanism that Transfers Control of Government Spending Levels from Politicians to VotersGraves, Philip E.
2007 Some Flexible Parametric Models for Partially Adaptive Estimators of Econometric ModelsTheodossiou, Panayiotis / McDonald, James B. / Hansen, Christian B.
2007 Evaluating Inflation Targeting Using a Macroeconometric ModelFair, Ray C.
2007 Learning Causal Relations in Multivariate Time Series DataChihying, Hsiao / Chen, Pu
2007 An Idealized View of Financial IntermediationSissoko, Carolyn
2007 The debt-growth nexus in poor countries: a reassessmentPresbitero, Andrea F.
2007 Vertical Production Networks: Evidence from FranceWagner, Laurent / Nayman, Laurence / Fouquin, Michel
2007 How Much Do Perceptions of Corruption Really Tell Us?Weber Abramo, Claudio
2007 Minority Voting and Public Project ProvisionGersbach, Hans
2007 A Simple Note on Informational CascadesFiore, Annamaria / Morone, Andrea
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