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DateTitle Authors
2012 Revenue and expenditure nexus: A case study of ECOWASMagazzino, Cosimo
2012 Notional defined contribution pension schemes and income patternsNisticò, Sergio / Bevilacqua, Mirko
2012 Globalisation effect on inflation in the great moderation era: New evidence from G10 countriesQin, Duo / He, Xinhua
2012 Determinants of transport costs: Are they uniform across countries?Schürenberg-Frosch, Hannah
2012 Polarization, growth and social policy in the case of Israel, 1997 - 2008García-Fernándeza, Rosa María / Gottlieb, Daniel / Palacios-González, Federico
2012 Is a "firm" a firm? A Stackelberg experimentHildenbrand, Andreas
2012 Stock returns and implied volatility: A new VAR approachLee, Bong Soo / Ryu, Doojin
2012 What drives FDI from non-traditional sources? A comparative analysis of the determinants of bilateral FDI flowsSosa Andrés, Maximiliano / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Busse, Matthias
2012 The BIP trilogy (bipolarization, inequality and polarization): One saga but three different storiesDeutsch, Joseph / Fusco, Alessio / Silber, Jacques
2012 The granular nature of the great export collapse in German manufacturing industries, 2008/2009Wagner, Joachim
2012 Banking systems, central banks and international reserve accumulation in East Asian economiesShrestha, Prakash Kumar
2012 Public debt, child allowances, and pension benefits with endogenous fertilityYasuoka, Masaya / Miyake, Atsushi
2012 The finance-growth nexus revisited: From origins to a modern theoretical landscapeStolbov, Mikhail
2012 An early warning system to predict the speculative house price bubblesDreger, Christian / Kholodilin, Konstantin A.
2012 Information stickiness in general equilibrium and endogenous cyclesGomes, Orlando
2012 Algorithm for identifying systemically important banks in payment systemsSoramäki, Kimmo / Cook, Samantha
2012 Finding communities in credit networksBargigli, Leonardo / Gallegati, Mauro
2012 Promotion policy, wage and firm sizeZax, Ori
2012 A DSGE model for a SOE with systematic interest and foreign exchange policy in which policymakers exploit the risk premium for stabilization purposesEscudé, Guillermo J.
2012 Exchange rate pass-through and inflation dynamics in Tunisia: A Markov-Switching approachKhemiri, Rim / Ali, Mohamed Sami Ben
2012 Register, issue, cap and trade: A proposal for ending current and future financial crisesMilne, Alistair
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