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DateTitle Authors
2009 Irans udenrigspolitik: Ideologi og pragmatisme i den Islamiske RepublikBarnekow Rasmussen, Katrine
2009 Low carbo development and poverty alleviation: Options for development cooperation in energy, agriculture and forestryFlunder, Mikkel / Fjalland, Jacob / Munk Ravnborg, Helle / Egelyng, Henrik
2009 Achieving sustainable natural resource management in the Sahel after the era of desertification: Markets, property rights, decentralisation and climate changeBolwig, Simon / Cold-Ravnkilde, Signe Marie / Rasmussen, Kjeld / Breinholt, Tine / Mortimore, Michael
2009 Roads to militant radicalization: Interviews with five former prepetrators of politically motivated organized violenceOlsen, Jon A.
2009 Whither aid? Financing development in MozambiqueJones, Sam
2009 Recent experience with comprehensive civil and military approaches in international operationsBrett, Julien
2009 Modern non-proliferation and disarmament: Denmark and the G8 global partnershipVestergaard, Cindy
2009 Alternative development financing mechanisms: Pre-crisis trends and post-crisis outlookJones, Sam
2009 The new wave of foreign policy activism in turkey: Drifting away from Europeanization?Öniş, Ziya
2009 Come home, NATO? The Atlantic Alliance's new strategic conceptRingsmose, Jens / Rynning, Sten
2009 The choice of candidates for the European Parliament elections 2009: Danish parties and their procedures for selecting candidatesBuskjær Christensen, Mette
2009 Desde declaración hasta protección real: Biodiversidad y participación local en la gestión de cuatro areas protegidas en NicaraguaMunk Ravnborg, Helle
2009 Civil-military relations in Iraq 2003-7: The Danish experienceHoffmann, Kasper
2009 Synthesis report: Civil-military relations in international operations. A Danish perspectiveStepputat, Finn
2009 Integrated national approaches to international operations: The cases of Denmark, UK, and the NetherlandsStepputat, Finn
2009 Using indicators to encourgae development: Lessons from the millennium development goalsManning, Richard
2009 Hizb'allah's communication strategy: Making friends and intimidating enemiesFriberg Lyme, Rune
2009 Piracy, maritime terrorism and naval strategyMøller, Bjørn
2009 Lopsided business partnerships: An ex-post study of Danida's Private Sector Development Programme in IndiaFolke, Steen
2009 Reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD): An Overview of Risks And Opportunities For The PoorFlunder, Mikkel
2009 Afghanistan: Organizing Danish civil-military relationsSchmidt, Søren
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