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DateTitle Authors
2009 Afghanistan: Organizing Danish civil-military relationsSchmidt, Søren
2009 The Somali conflict: The role of external actorsMøller, Bjørn
2009 The marshal's baton: There is no bomb, there was no bomb, they were not looking for a bombChristensen, Svend Aage
2010 NATO's response force: Alle gode gange tre?Ringsmose, Jens
2010 From declaration to real protection: Biodiversity and local participation in the management of four protected areas in NicaraguaMunk Ravnborg, Helle
2010 Storserbisk og islamistisk infiltration i bosnien omkring 1990Stjernfelt, Frederik
2010 Marskal-ip ajaappiaa: Qaartartoqanngilaq qaartartoqarsimanngisaannarpoq aamma qaartartunik ujaasinngillat. EqikkaaneqAage Christensen, Svend
2010 Conceptualisations of povertyEngberg-Pedersen, Lars / Munk Ravnborg, Helle
2010 Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan: An attempt to deconstruct the umbrella organization and the reasons for its growth in Pakistan's north-westSiddique, Qandeel
2010 Dealing with Iran: How can the EU achieve its strategic objectives?Pakfar, Shirin
2010 Transforming internal security in Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone police and broader justice sector reformAlbrecht, Peter Alexander
2010 Conference on an Arctic nuclear-weapon-free zone. Copenhagen, 10-11 August, 2009
2010 The Islamist movement in Morocco: Main actors and regime responsesPruzan-Jørgensen, Julie E.
2010 Dialoguing partnerships: An analysis of the dialogue assumptions of the Danish partnership for dialogue and reformWegter, Marie-Louise / Pulz, Karina
2010 Our 9/11 of hope: Short essays on European democracy since 1989
2010 Victim and rebel: Al-Qaida's salafist rhetoric and the pitfalls of anti-terrorismErslev Andersen, Lars
2011 The G20 and beyond: Towards effective global economic governanceVestergaard, Jakob
2011 Terrorbekæmpelse i Danmark siden 11. september 2001Hansen, Peter
2011 Perspectives on security in the Arctic areaBergman Rosamond, Annika
2011 Prospects for a multipolar international monetary systemDailami, Mansoor / Masson, Paul
2011 Pro-poor growth through export sector support: What works where and why?Nielsen, Henrik / Gibbon, Peter
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