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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 A new hybrid in Arab politics: Unstable authoritarianismBoserup, Rasmus Alenius; Wichmann, Jakob
2015 Governing uranium in IndiaNayan, Rajiv
2015 Protection and (in)security beyond state: Insights from Eastern Africa and SahelHoffmann, Kasper; Moe, Louise Wiuff; Hahonou, Eric; Pelckmans, Lotte
2015 Will China and Russia form an alliance against the United States? The new geostrategic gameFeng, Huiyun
2015 European defence cooperation after the Lisbon treaty: The road is paved for increased momentumNissen, Christine
2015 Governing Uranium in PakistanSultan, Maria; Jaspal, Mohammad Riaz; Hashmi, Jawad; Hassan, Asra; Ellahi, Malik A.
2015 Online-radikalisering: Forebyggelse på internettetGemmeri, Tobias
2015 Corporate engagement in non-proliferation along the nuclear supply chain: Material stewardship and traceability in uranium procurementBourgouin, France
2014 Governing uranium in the United KingdomBerkemeier, Molly; Bowen, Wyn Q.; Hobbs, Christopher; Moran, Matthew
2014 Cooperative security: NATO's partnership policy in a changing worldFlockhart, Trine
2014 Conditions for a successful transition in Afghanistan post-2014Aziz, Khalid
2014 Community policing in Sierra Leone: Local policing partnership boardsAlbrecht, Peter; Garber, Olushegu; Gibson, Ade; Thomas, Sophy
2014 Human rights perspectives on climate change adaptation: Civil society experiences in Cambodia and KenyaChristoplos, Ian; Funder, Mikkel; McGinn, Colleen; Wairimu, Winnie
2014 Towards 'good enough' climate and disaster risk governance: Emerging lessons from Zambia, Nepal, Viet Nam and UgandaChristoplos, Ian; Aben, Charles; Bashaasha, Bernard; Dhungana, Hari; Friis-Hansen, Esbern; Funder, Mikkel; Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong; Dil Bahadur Khatri; Lindegaard, Lily; Mweemba, Carol; Le Duc Ngoan; Nyambe, Imasiku; Pain, Adam; Le Thi Hoa Sen
2014 Online-radikalisering: En rundrejse i forskningslitteraturen. Litteraturreview af definitioner og tilgange inden for online-radikalisering (del 2 af 3)Gemmerli, Tobias
2014 Is China challenging the US in the Persian Gulf? Oil, security, and politicsErslev Andersen, Lars; Jiang, Yang
2014 Governing uranium in RussiaKhlopkov, Anton; Chekina, Valeriya
2014 Algeria after the revolts: Regime endurance in a time of contention and regional insecurityBoserup, Rasmus Alenius; Martinez, Luis; Holm, Ulla
2014 Out of the woods: Gridlock in the IMF, and the World Bank puts multilateralism at riskVestergaard, Jakob; Wade, Robert H.
2014 The elections and political realignments in AfghanistanSakhi, Ghulam
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 127